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This ritual is clearing  dark/heavy/negative energy ( i.e. bad moods, anger, heartbreak, lethargy, etc.) energy for the leaders and participants of the Kickstart Your Regeneration masterclass. 

We use a special form of clearing called, "The Lilac Fire of Source". It is a form of the Violet Flame, with the gentleness and compassion of Mother Mary and Archangel Mary added to it.

I introduce what the Violet Flame is and explain this special version of the Lilac Flame. Then we invoke the Lilac Flame of Source for everyone involved with the masterclass. 

NOTE: Eden and I like this method of energy clearing. If it isn't comfortable for you, you can use a simpler method such as writing heavy thoughts down on paper and then physically burning the paper to release the heaviness so you are free to fully engage the masterclass.

Invoke a blessing of “hygge” - a danish word for a feeling of coziness and warmth, well-being and connection. We call upon Freya, Odin, Stag and the Autumn raven, as well as crystal allies for this invocation.

We infuse this blessing in to the Kickstart Your Regeneration Facebook group community, and each individual member. Enjoy!

Eden Kervin explains the energy work she does during the Kickstart Your Regeneration masterclass sessions, Her energy work assists you in having a deeply transformative experience each and every session.

Session Replays

Session 1 Replay

Get back to your authentic self Learn effective practices to reconnect with your authentic self that even the busiest person can implement so you can bring passion back in your life and wake up every day feeling fulfilled

Session 2 Replay

Deepen self-care Identify your unique self-care needs and the remarkably easy ways to fulfill them so you feel healthy with naturally higher energy levels

Session 3 Replay

Leverage your strengths Identify the “butterfly” moments in your life history so you can identify your inherent strengths and maximize your internal resources for change

Session 4 Replay

Activate flow Learn easy ways to connect spiritually so you can take advantage of synchronicities that happen when you are in a state of flow and feel supported by the Universe in each step of your transition

Session 5 Replay

Begin your transition plan Tap into your intuition, passions, and gifts so you can plan the first concrete step for letting go of a situation that is keeping you out of alignment so you can enter a new season of work and life

Session 6 Replay

Your 6 month Transition Plan In today’s session you will learn about mindset and the powerful impact it has on being able to accomplish your goals.

Session 7 Replay

Messages of hope from heroes (Testimonials) In today’s session you will hear from 4 genuine heroes about their stories of facing fears and huge growth. Come out to get inspired!


Session 8 - NO Replay

Closed Door Hot Seat Coaching - By invitation only

Session 9 Replay

Session 9 - Fireside Chat Live Q&A Zoom: Identify Your Most Empowered Step Forward

In today’s session we co-create an amazing experience with you to complete the journey of kickstarting your regeneration.

Today is a holy day, honouring your growth. Eden and I will be delivering our most powerful session yet, facilitating you being able to shift into your empowerment.

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