Are you called to be the new leader 
that the world needs today?

Our world is in a time of fast-paced evolution.

The pressing need for leadership has called some forward

to help guide a good path forward for all of us.

These leaders are courageous, intelligent and compassionate people.

They face enormous challenges on a daily basis.

These people excel at rising to the challenge.

The danger

is they get so used to rising to the challenge of caring for others…

They can lose track of what support THEY need to be at their best.

They find themselves running as fast as they can

To meet the needs of those they serve.

And in the crunch times, things fall off their plate - things maybe that shouldn’t.

As good hearted as these people are, 

they don’t always feel they are leading from full integrity.

Eventually the time comes when the new leader 

is called to ground more deeply 

so that she or he can sink deeper roots to grow taller.

Some are finding the COVID-19 pandemic

awakening that very calling.

Beshert is a Yiddish word that means, “destiny”.

It speaks of right timing.

It can be sensed by turning the ear of your heart to listen…

to attune to when something is ready to happen. 

Has the time come to anchor yourself

and step more fully into your contribution?

DRALA! is a 3-month program that
guides a leader to identify their
unique needs for anchoring and supports them
building that anchoring into their life

Comprehensive support to live your soul mission
as a new paradigm leader in today’s world

Envision grounded, outside-of-the-box solutions
A creative vision process
integrating the strengths of the left and right sides of the brain

Go beyond traditional business coaching
Weekly coaching that integrates the strengths of
therapy, business coaching, and engaged spiritual guidance
empowering you to execute your strategic, soul-inspired vision

My story

The presence, wisdom and skill I bring to Heroic Leadership Coaching come from a unique combination of over 40 years of training and experience, including:

    • A Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology (OISE, University of Toronto)
    • A Masters of Computer Science (DalTech/Dalhousie University)
    • A 6-month Mediation Certification Program (York University)
    • Three years of business training (Ontario Self-Employment Business Program, Your Planning Partners, the Abundance Project)
    • Four levels of Soul Art Guide Certification Training (Bodymapping, Chakras, Spirit Guides, and Shaman)
    • A five year apprenticeship with a Mi’kmaq Shaman
    • A lifetime of mindfulness meditation, beginning with growing up in a Tibetan Buddhist community.

    In Heroic Leadership Coaching I use my clinical therapy training in combination with dynamic business coaching methods to expertly guide clients through emotional impasses, integrating their learning from current challenges as part of achieving their goal. In this way, my clients achieve their goals holistically in a remarkably short period of time.

    I haven’t always been clear about my own heroic leadership. In fact, I hit rock bottom in 2001. I was brought up Tibetan Buddhist and strongly socialized with the value of compassion. In 2001 I was working for a large software development lab in Toronto which was focused on financial profit. My requests for decisions to be made from compassion fell on deaf ears. I felt powerless, and I eventually had an emotional breakdown.

    My doctor took me off work and I immediately engaged an intensive healing journey through traditional therapy and trauma energetic therapy. After years of processing and clearing my own emotional hurts, I began to look towards helping others and enrolled in an MEd Counselling Psychology.

    I graduated with my degree and worked as a therapist for a couple of years. I also completed three business training programs. I began to get a feeling I had more to give. I had long-term spiritual experience through my Buddhist practice which gives me powerful presence. I also LOVE business, and frankly I am ambitious. So I started coaching two Investment Advisors in the financial industry.

    We worked on relational issues and business development. Within six months my clients were having remarkable results. Their income increased 25-30% and they were promoted to being Wealth Advisors!

    I have gone on to complete three years of study and certification in a visioning method called Soul Art. I love this strategic and creative method because it is goal-oriented, elegant, and produces visions that come from our core truth. This is the method I use in my Heroic Leadership Vision Sessions. By the end of 2015 I was attracting exclusively business leaders as clients.

    Today I work with leaders, empowering them in heart-centered holistic leadership that is life-affirming for them, their families, and their businesses, drawing on their intellect, their emotions and their spirit. This has come full-circle for me from my own struggles in the corporate world 15 years ago to now serving the business world through creating Heartspace for leaders to think, feel and vision a humane and inspiring future.

    Note: I am not currently taking new clients.

    I may be accepting a new client in September/October.
    If you are interested in working with me,
    please email me with a few details about your interest at: andrea@andreamwinn.com

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