A Dream Whisperer Vision Session is about gaining deep personal insight through a fun process.

There are 5 steps*:

  1. Identify your clear Intention
  2. Trace your Bodymap
  3. Create your Dream Whisperer Vision Board
  4. Translate your Insights
  5. Identify your Dream Action

Screen Shot 2015-07-31 at 9.51.38 PMThe session begins with an exercise to identify your clear Intention. By taking the time to identify it clearly, you create a powerful guiding light for the rest of your journey. A clear Intention is the basis for creating a powerful transformation in your life!

Then I lead you through some body relaxation exercises, and we trace your body on the surface of your Vision Board. This is a way of bringing in a true sense of embodiment as the foundation for your visioning.

Next… a playful “creativity door” to enter a  process where you will create your own Dream Whisperer Vision Board with a collage of magazine cutouts. The Vision Board provides an amazing download of information from your Higher Self/Soul Purpose/God in response to your Intention!

Once the Vision Board comes to a natural completion, we move into the fourth step in the process. I guide you to translate the right-brain download in your Vision Board into left-brain language of written Insights. In the fifth and final step, I help you identify an Action to initiate the momentum of your Insight into your life.

A Dream Whisperer Vision Session is a powerful opportunity to envision your ideal life, outside of the box of your ordinary day-to-day thinking, and to identify actions which can help you achieve it. Your Dream Whisperer Vision Board is a map for an evolutionary leap. Follow that up with three months of Dream Whisperer Coaching to provide support for gently and effectively integrating your vision into your current life.

There are a number of formats for vision sessions including a 3-hour Group Workshop, a Half Day Skype Vision Session, and either a One- or Two-day Personal Intensive.


* Based largely on the 5-step Soul Art process developed by Laura Hollick.

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