Update On The Findings Of Sexual Misconduct Of The Sakyong

Buddhist Project Sunshine’s investigator, Carol Merchasin, has prepared an update on the findings of sexual misconduct of the Sakyong. An excerpt from her update:

“Within 24 hours of the Phase II Report’s June 28thairing on the Buddhist Project Sunshine blog and on Facebook, a woman came forward to tell the story of her 2002 encounter with the Sakyong in Chile. I interviewed her several times and I interviewed a corroborating witness as well.  I also interviewed a kusung who came forward and was able to corroborate certain details.  Once again, I will say, as I did in my prior report, that this can only be considered a preliminary investigation.  A full investigation must give the Sakyong, leaders of SI and others the opportunity to give their version of this incident.”

Read her full update: Update On The Findings Of Sexual Misconduct Of The Sakyong


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  • ann hart

    I see from what i have read many of these complaints are 2011 and before. I am wondering how the Sakyong has been doing in the last 7 years. Are his issues and abuse still
    Thank you, Ann Hart

    July 11, 2018
    • Andrea M. Winn

      It is critical that the community press for a full investigation to determine the extent of his abuses.

      July 11, 2018
  • Moo Ahkung

    I doubt that “the community” en-mass will act in concert. Don’t expect a mass conversion to a different view point- that is not how large organizations solve problems.

    A lot will depend on the acceptance by the lower leadership of the pending legal and outside third party organization of their recommendations &/or conclusions.

    July 11, 2018
  • Amelie

    Thank you for all the important work done to bring Project Sunshine to everyone’s attention, including this update. But may I ask why this update appears here on a personal coaching website? Why not on the Project Sunshine website? The appearance of this here might compromise the neutrality of the Project Sunshine by directing – maybe inadvertently – attention and marketing traffic to this personal website.

    July 12, 2018
    • Andrea M. Winn

      Hi Amelie,

      Thank you for asking this question. Buddhist Project Sunshine is a grass roots initiative that I started and have lead. I did a whole lot of work in a short period of time (1.5 years), and I did this on a volunteer basis up until the last 2 months. You may have noticed that this has entirely been an internet-based social action initiative. This is possible because I donated my business systems- There was a mention of that on the Thank You page when you signed up. So that is why you see my business. In June I purchased a url and set up a the skeleton of a Buddhist Project Sunshine website. Unfortunately, no volunteers have come forward yet to get that website up and running, with the contact database, etc. Once we have people to move everything over (which I hope is soon), then you will find everything appearing there. Basically, we are in process – from my carrying everything to others starting to help so it can be established as an organization. I look forward to that! Again, thanks for asking this important question.

      July 12, 2018


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