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Sacred Commerce Merchant Priest and Priestess

Have you heard about a spiritual practice called, “Sacred Commerce”? I first learned about it in 2016, and I’ve been passionately studying and practicing it for the past six years.

My friend and mentor, Ayman Sawaf, is one of the original creators of the discipline now known as Emotional Literacy (EL). He is also attributed as an early pioneer in emotional intelligence (EQ), co-creator of the four cornerstone model and its application in business, as illustrated in his book with Dr. Robert Cooper, Executive EQ. 

I had the privilege of hearing Ayman speak about his work on Sacred Commerce in March 2016. Below is a selection from what he spoke of in that meeting, and he gave me permission to share it here:

In ancient Egypt commerce was regarded as sacred. Priests and priestesses practiced sacred commerce as their spiritual path. The purpose was to create uplifting goods for trade. They travelled into Africa and the middle east, and they bartered things like sacred books and healing herbs- goods that lifted people out of the mode of focusing on survival and security, so that they could pursue the sacred.
Later on, chauvinism hit Egyptian commerce, and the feminine was ripped out of it. We are fortunate in our time because the sacred and feminine are coming back into our life. In Sacred Commerce our inner essence is our wealth. It is our mirror. When we change ourself inside, the world changes.
We can work on our own inner commerce. It is our belief systems, attitudes, choices, and agreements, and this is what creates reality. The more we work with our inner commerce, the more the quality of our resonance is elevated, and we attract a better reality.
Sacred Commerce is the commerce of you – of what’s inside of you, so you can create a sacred reality.

I have been fascinated with the idea of having complementary roles of Merchant Priest and Priestess, where the Priests travel around interacting with people, bartering goods as described above. Meanwhile, the role of the Priestesses was to stay in the temple and do spiritual practices to work with the energy around the Priests, specifically to create an atmosphere of calm clarity where people could feel safe enough to engage the Priests and uplift their lives.

Over these past years I have cultivated strong Merchant Priest skills, and I confess… I have deeply longed to work with a Merchant Priestess. My prayers were finally answered this past March when I met Eden Kervin.

Eden Kervin, Energy Holder and Healer

Eden is soft spoken and gentle, and she is a deeply gifted healer. Eden’s energy work is a blend of Reiki, Angel Healing & Alchemy (certification through Calista Ascension Angel Healing® – Calista Ascension) and Soul Healing which is a Pleiadian healing modality taught by Eva Marquez (Eva Marquez – Spiritual Consultant, Healer and Author). Soul Healing is a combination of intuitive consulting and energy healing to target trauma or wounds developed from current or past life trauma; it heals them so that an individual can clear karma and move on with their ascension (enlightenment). Eden also works closely with the violet flame.

In the last eight weeks we have designed and held three extensive ritual events: (1) The first was a 2-hour ritual to end woman abuse (2) The second was for world peace, and (3) last weekend we did a 7-hour ritual in support of my sister Jenny, and her now-husband, Jeremy, getting married on Saturday! We also regularly join together in praying for people who come to us for prayer.

Last week we offered our first Zoom program together, “5 Core Practices for Building Freedom and Joy Into Your Day-to-Day Life”. It was a startling success, as our participants experienced a deeply loving environment where they could engage embodied change around both Freedom and Joy.

We acknowledge that I have a brilliant sun-like personality and Eden has a powerfully gentle moon presence. We honoured our styles and strengths by offering this program through my speaking and facilitating the program, while Eden was in the background holding space and working with the energy of the group, sending healing as she was directed by her guides.

I don’t normally offer the link to program replays outside the group who registered. I am, however, making an exception for this program since it is Eden’s and my first ever program. You may like to check out the special loving and healing atmosphere the two of us created. Here is the Freedom & Joy Replay Link. Enjoy!

Pleiadian Blue Rose: A blue rose with the Pleiades in the background

Perhaps even more exciting, Eden has agreed to work with me to implant Pleiadian Blue Rose healing into the existing Heal Your Heart Through Meditation program.

What is the Pleiades? The Pleiades is a star system about 410 light years for Earth in the Taurus constellation. The star system is well known as the Seven Sisters.
What is the Pleiadian Blue Rose of Healing? The Pleiadian star system carries healing energy. Many believe that there is life in the Pleiades, and that they are master healers. The Pleiadian Blue Rose is a healing energy that can be utilized for healing purposes. It can release pain, trauma, tensions, it can rebalance your body and chakra system, it completely nurtures your entire being.
Why is it significant? This energy is intensely healing, and can be used to significantly enhance our well-being and state of joy. It brings more balance and harmony to our entire body/mind/soul system.
We have been guided to work with this beautiful energy to bring this nurturing, healing energy to Heal Your Heart through Meditation. This energy will completely upgrade your system, if you allow it.
How we will use the Blue Rose of Healing with Heal Your Heart through Meditation: In Pleiadian Blue Rose Heal Your Heart Through Meditation, we will be working with this incredible energy to enhance the groundbreaking program of Heal You Heart through Meditation, tapping into this and bringing healing to those who choose to accept it. It carries the potential to create massive shifts for healing and wellbeing. This is a truly wonderful energy, soothing, nurturing and healing, and we would like to bring it to you through this wonderful program, helping you to use it in your everyday life.

The 7-week program is valued at $497. We are offering it at a special introductory investment of $297 to our valued community in the month of May. There is a free 2-week trial available, so you can even give it a try for two weeks before deciding to invest in the full program. Full details can be found at:

Eden and I wish every blessing upon you this May!


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