The Healing is Taking Root in Buddhism

Two heartening updates to share today….


An important letter to Tibetan lamas

A large group from Rigpa have written a letter to lamas teaching in the West, asking them to break their silence and speak out regarding disclosures of abusive behaviors particularly by Sogyal Rinpoche. They also mention disclosures of abuse by Sakyong Mipham.

Read the letter at:


Buddhist Project Sunshine is establishing a long-term home!

The BPS Phase 3 Discussion Group, whose focus has been on providing a place to grieve what has been lost through the profound abuses in our Buddhist communities, is coming to a close November 10.

Given the sincere interest to develop a sane and honest community space, BPS is founding a sustainable long-term discussion group. We are sharing the model with the Phase 3 Slack Discussion Group now for feedback before we launch the new group later next week. See the Plan for the New Group.


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