The Great Thawing


Photo by Janice L Barr. Used with permission.


The Great Thawing


How can I touch your tender face

When my heart has been frozen

for as long as I remember?


Buying the groceries.

Doing the laundry.



Cleaning the dishes.

And that is calm and sane

compared to the pace of paid work.


I *had* to toughen to keep the wheels turning –

To keep up with the pace of keeping up.

This is surely madness!


How could I forget your tenderness

Your simple needs for my human touch

To be bathed

To be fed simply

To be held, to be gently rocked

To be touched tenderly?


It is time to plant firmly the banner of humanity.

The banner of care.

The banner of simple love,

rather than getting the impossible workload done!


I live in a body

It is flesh and blood and bone – all living.

My heart beats with mourning the years lost…

being absent from this body.

And my heart lifts up

with the choice to re-inhabit

to feel

to breathe

to come back home.


Because this world needs

soft embodied people

who can love through to the core of this earth.

Who feel their hearts beating

and speak the language of love.


Who are able to reach out

and touch the face

so tender.


To kiss the beloved

with the soft lips of a broken heart.


And to fill this world

with a love everlasting.


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