Machine_peachThe reality is, it can be difficult to navigate how to live your life purpose and also survive in this world. Society is filled with structures and bureaucracy. It is easy to start to feel like a cog in a large machine, just trying to keep the machine running while losing sight of what really matters.

When your focus is on keeping someone else’s machine running, you lose focus on YOUR life purpose, and what is meaningful for you. You can lose your personal sense of direction. That is when you start to feel out of sync with the world. When you feel out of sync, you lose touch with your inherent confidence and it’s harder to take steps towards your dream career. Life can feel frustrating when this is happening.

The good news is your own life purpose is always close at hand – it’s just a matter of knowing how to reconnect with it. You can get your life on track when connected with your authentic purpose.  Read more…

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