I offer 1-on-1 coaching, group coaching, and powerful self-study programs.


Legacy Play Adventure: A profound coaching journey (1-on-1 and group coaching)

Healing and adventuring to discover your deepest gifts… Then starting your own small business, building abundant wealth using your discovered gifts for compassionate impact in the world.

Driving this program is my core belief that every person was born with a legacy. Do you know yours? Knowing and living your legacy brings the highest levels of joy and fulfillment. The way to discover your legacy is through a hero’s journey into the deepest knowing of your heart.

Once discovered, your heart legacy can then be activated through easy action steps for establishing your legacy. This program gives you a clear roadmap, showing you where best to invest your time, money and attention to ensure you are living a truly happy, fulfilling and purpose-aligned life.

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Abundance LIFT OFF Game (group coaching)

In 10 weeks I coach you to kickstart a business using my proven & fun method,The Abundance LIFT OFF Game!

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Custom Vision & Plan Session ($300 value, available for $100 for a limited time)

In this powerful 1-hour session, we will: (1) Identify the key pieces of your ideal life, (2) Create a 1 year vision, and (3) Outline a plan to get you there!

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Self-study programs

Pleiadian Blue Rose Heal Your Heart Through Meditation (self-study course)

Want more calm in your daily life? Want your heart to be soft again? Develop your personal healing meditation with my gentle yet powerful approach. A single program covering everything you need to create your own personal healing meditation practice.

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Heal Your Relationship With Money (self-study course)

Want to eliminate money stress and have a more empowered relationship with money? Heal your relationship with money with my gentle yet powerful approach.

Honour the sacred feminine and masculine within your relationship with money…

* Bring vulnerability, joy and play into your relationship with money.

* Learn how to connect your spirituality with money.

* Identify your core personal values, and allow them to guide you in a new sacred dance with money.

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