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You are no longer on your own

Private Coaching Options

Crystal Clear 3-month Vision & Goals Consultation

Clarity is the foundation for action. Are you ready to get crystal clear?

In this valuable 45-minute consultation, we identify the key pieces of your ideal life and business, create  a soul-based 3-month vision, and then identify 3-month goals from your soul-based vision.

Spiritual Business Coaching Session

Feeling stuck in an area of your spiritual business? In this 1-hour session I will guide you to have a profound breakthrough in your business.

30-minute Solution-Focused Power Session

Need a quick breakthrough?
Try a 30-minute Solution-Focused Power Session!

Legacy Play Adventure

Are you looking to transition from a corporate position into running your own spiritual business? 

This profound program involves a 6-month coaching journey for healing and adventuring into your deepest truth to have compassionate impact within the world, and then kickstart your own business!

Group Programs

Pleiadian Blue Rose Heal Your Heart Through Meditation

In 7 weeks I guide you through a journey to design and stabilize a strong daily mindfulness meditation practice - the most important resource for running a sustained spiritual business. Enhanced with daily Blue Rose healing every day of the program! Note: This is a self-study program with recorded audios that you can do at your own pace.

Abundance LIFT OFF Game Group Coaching Program

In this live 12 weeks group coaching program I guide you to implement a Sacred Commerce 5D business foundation tailored to your business. I then coach you to expand the reach and financial abundance of your spiritual business using my proven and fun method, The Abundance LIFT OFF Game!

a proven system that works

My coaching integrates a powerful set of approaches. It excels in creating a felt experience of empowerment for my clients. In an atmosphere of (1) wise attention and (2) eustress, my coaching clients build confidence beyond their imagination to engage the world in expansive and empowered ways!

Positive Psychology

I have specialized in Solution-Focused Coaching for over 10 years, including presenting my work at two international solution-focused conferences.


I did a 5-year apprenticeship with a Mi’kmaq Shaman and have been practicing shamanic Buddhist practices for the past 50+ years.

Soul Art

I completed four levels of Soul Art Guide Certification Training (Bodymapping, Chakras, Spirit Guides, and Shaman) and have successfully used this innovative method with a wide variety of clients including leaders in the business and financial worlds.

Sacred Commerce

I trained directly with Ayman Sawaf, who brought Sacred Commerce into our current world. I went on to intensively explore bringing Sacred Commerce into my own and my clients businesses since 2016.

Dr Angela Raffle

Consultant in Public Health
Bristol UK

Angela says, "[Andrea's coaching] really helped me anchor myself. It created a much clearer cleaner feeling in my life. It’s made it much easier to focus on what my heart really cares about. I’m recognizing my power to influence for the better. There are five important family relationships which used to be a source of grief, and now they are so much better. I wouldn’t have made those shifts without my coaching relationship with Andrea. My energy is way better. My sleep is fantastically better!"

Ben Black

Jazz Vocalist and Composer
Seattle, Washington USA

Ben experienced the Abundance LIFT OFF Game Group Coaching Program as safe, thoughtful, clear and step-by-step. Meeting weekly and getting support to go through the journey allowed him to connect with Abundance and use that energy to raise $7,000 USD in just one month for finishing his CD. 

Ben says the program helped him move through his blocks to success and connect with Universal wisdom so that magical things happened. His CD is now launched and being listened to around the world!

You are no longer on your own
in developing the business side
of a successful spiritual business

"I would love to answer any questions you have"

andrea m. winn

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