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Sacred Commerce Will Empower you  to achieve aligned business success!

Sacred Commerce is an approach where running your business IS your spiritual practice! Both your Divine Feminine and Masculine are included in my approach. My coaching empowers your Divine Masculine, in union with your Divine Feminine. Together, we create powerful 5D business structures and processes to support your spiritual business being financially abundant and successful in the world, all in alignment with your soul mission.

A spiritual approach to business from Ancient Egypt

Sacred Commerce begins with your inner commerce, the commerce of YOU. This is your values, self-knowledge, skills, abilities, talents and gifts. The more you develop and light up your inner commerce, the more you have to offer the people around you.

Once you’ve activated your inner commerce, then the path of Sacred Commerce becomes about engaging the world: meeting people, having heart-full conversations, sharing your gifts, and receiving money as energy exchange.

Emotional alchemy is a core skill for Sacred Commerce. This is the ability to transmute negative or dark emotions, such as fear and anger, to positive and light emotions such as love, joy and gratitude. Emotional alchemy can also release the self-imprisonment of limiting beliefs.

Emotional alchemy empowers the Spiritual Entrepreneur to work with their own emotions AND to raise the energetic vibration in business conversations. Good business communication skills embedded with emotional alchemy help shift prospective customers out of fear and into a place of genuinely considering what the Spiritual Entrepreneur is offering through their goods and services.

Sacred Commerce was originally practiced in Ancient Egypt. Merchant Priests and Priestesses lived in temples, and commerce was their spiritual practice. Merchant Priestesses excelled at working with energy and raising vibration. Merchant Priests went into the world and bartered wares to uplift people’s lives, things like sacred books and healing herbs.

Sacred Commerce today

Ayman Sawaf and his wife, Gabrielle Rowan, had a powerful connection with this ancient wisdom when travelling in Egypt. They then channeled information to bring Sacred Commerce to our contemporary business world.

Ayman and I met in 2016 and had a strong connection. He took me under his wing and trained me 1-on-1 in emotional alchemy and Sacred Commerce. Since that time I have further developed my skills and I have been teaching Sacred Commerce to clients through my business programs and coaching.

Then came Eden

At Christmastime 2021 I engaged an intensive vigil where I prayed to find a Merchant Priestess. In March of 2022 I met Eden Kervin, an accomplished priestess, and I asked her to join my business as Merchant Priestess. She agreed, and we now work together.

Soon after we became life partners, and I now have the privilege to help raise her delightful 11-year old son, Dexter!

We are deeply fulfilled as life partners, business partners and Twin Flames, offering healing and empowering programs to uplift people's lives in a time of massive global change.

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