Liberate the joy and meaning inherent within you by:

  • Relieving pent up frustration so you have space to think
  • Accessing deep personal healing and insight
  • Moving forward with clear simple steps
  • Empowering yourself to live your true purpose

I would like to guide you in the journey of liberating your potential. Through my Dream Whisperer coaching approach I create space for you to explore and grow.

I create empowered space through these Key Coaching Strengths:

  • Stable – I am sane, mature, grounded, and centered. I am able to provide guidance you can count on.
  • Insightful – Through years of meditation and my own healing I have developed deep insight. I am emotionally clear and able to see things with tremendous clarity.
  • Intuitive – I attune to you and can feel when things are out of balance. Drawing on a deep tool box of methods, I feel my way through how to support you in each unique step of your journey to wholeness.
  • Healthy boundaries – I have developed a deep body of relational wisdom and skill, and provide healthy boundaries for working with clients. My boundaries allow for your authenticity to shine through. I honour your own space to digest and grow.
  • Compassionate – I am a warm person and always strive to act from Love.
  • Deeply spiritual – I bring a lifetime of spiritual development to my work with clients.

I invite you to connect, and try out the free relaxation meditation I am offering. This can be your first step towards transforming your stress into relief, and moving your life into greater balance. Get your free meditation now.

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