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30-Day Meditation Challenge – Live program!!

November 1 – 30, 2017

Your mind is the part of you that perceives threats and problems. Meditation is a simple and gentle way of working with your mind – softening it and strengthening it, so you have a wider, more resourceful perspective for dealing with the challenges of life. Participating in a 30-day challenge is a highly inspiring way to establish a new habit of meditating. Create a new baseline for living your life with more relaxation, flexibility and ease. This program can literally change your quality of life.

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Self Study Program to Create Your Solid Foundation

I recommend this meditation program as a basic starting point to settle your mind so you can be more relaxed, focused and clear. This traditional Buddhist mindfulness meditation practice helps you create a foundation for doing personal development work.

The Easy 7-Day Kick Start Your Meditation Program

Easy-7-Day-Kick-Start_3DdisplayMeditation helps you feel better, and its healing effects will improve your relationships, peace of mind, health and general well-being. I will lead you through a proven 7-step process to create a personalized daily meditation practice to fit your lifestyle and well-being goals.  Read more

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