You Deserve Love!

And this course shows you how to open your heart again!

Wash Your Heart for New LOVE

A step-by-step guided journey for women to grieve the past

and create space in your heart for new LOVE


Wash Your Heart for New LOVE

A course for women ready to let go of a past relationship


Class 1: Create Safety to Face Feelings

In this class you will:

  • Be welcomed and get orientated
  • Understand the grieving process
  • Create safety for the journey

Class 2: Acknowledge What Happened and How You Are Grieving

In this class you will:

  • Safely write the story of your loss
  • Explore how you are grieving

Class 3: Acknowledge How The Ending Has Impacted You

In this class you will:

  • Understand the impact of separation and loss
  • Understand the impact of the loss on your personal identity

Class 4:  Community, Appreciation & Acceptance

In this class you will:

  • Explore how to connect or re-connect with community
  • Appreciate what you gained from the experience in that relationship
  • Accept that it has ended
  • Closure

Here’s how this course works:

  1. I will guide you through a healing and transformative experience to heal the past and open your heart to a new fulfilling LOVE relationship
  2. Once you register, you will receive a welcome email
  3. On Friday September 6 you will receive the first course email showing you how to prepare for a good experience of this course.
  4. You will receive a class package each week over the next four Fridays (September 13 – October 4). Each package will contain a guided class audio and a printable handout with valuable grief tools and resources.
  5. There will be THREE LIVE Q&A CALLS. If you can’t attend the live call, you will get an audio recording of it. These calls are on the following dates at 8:30 pm EST (5:30 pm Pacific, 6:30 pm Mountain, 7:30 pm Central, 9:30 pm Atlantic
    1. Sunday, September 22
    2. Sunday, October 6
    3. Sunday, October 20

Could You Get This Kind Of Healing Through 3 Therapy Sessions?

For the same amount as 3 therapy sessions, your investment of $297 gets you a healing, transformative experience that will help clear your heart and open your door for future intimacy and love.



Wash Your Heart for New LOVE

Investment: $297.00


Women sometimes feel hesitant to sign up for a course like this – It can be scary to make the decision.

If you feel this, I invite you to visit three practical insights:

  1. You still need love whether you invest now or later in healing the old wounds 
  2. It is costing you NOW to live without a partner in your life loving you
  3. Your life doesn’t change when you close this window, but you will lose the opportunity to heal from your past relationship through this course 


Do You Have Any Questions?

I am committed to helping you learn how to bring fulfilling LOVE into your life. If you have any questions about how this will help you, reach out to me and I will resolve your questions so you are certain how this course will help you.

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This is Powerful Curriculum Developed Over 25 Years

Women have told me that it is hard for them to move on when they have wounds from a past relationship. So I have organized a compassionate and skilful course to help you put the past behind you to welcome a new and loving relationship that is based on trust and joy.

Wash Your Heart for New LOVE is based on curriculum developed over 25 years at New Directions, a not-for-profit women’s organization here in Toronto that ran for 25 years, until it closed three years ago due to lack of funding.

New Directions was a beautiful organization committed to working for economic and social change which would enhance women’s abilities to make successful transitions and take control of their lives. They respected and valued the ability of women to help themselves and each other.

They were committed to providing high quality programs by ensuring that they listened to, understood, and responded to the needs of women facing transitions and embarking on new directions.

New Directions developed grief group courses grounded in their core values over the 25 years they were open – courses that guided women through a compassionate, safe and healthy grieving process – so they can come out whole on the other side.

I know how powerful their content is because I went through one of their Women’s Grief Groups in early 2004 to work through my loss of a 10-year relationship. It really helped me to slow down and feel what had happened. I was kind of floating above the ground, coping, up until I went through their grief group.

I decided to reach out to Nancy Emkin, who ran my group that I took all those years ago, to ask if I could use New Direction’s material for this women’s grief Tele-course. She ran the idea by the former president of their Board, and I received their blessing to present their material through this new format – they are REALLY happy to see their content being used again!

And I am happy to carry on their beautiful legacy of helping women heal from the wounds of a past relationship. This material is powerful, and it is my pleasure to offer it to you to empower you to heal and make your heart ready to receive True LOVE and lasting LOVE. 


Wash Your Heart for New LOVE

Investment: $297.00