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Taming the Tiger:

How to overcome the fear of opening your heart after the end of a relationship

A special program for the Suddenly Single Woman Community


The end of a relationship, whether through death or divorce, is a deep experience. The feelings can be overwhelming… a bit like a wild tiger on the loose. Often  friends and family just want you to get back to normal, leaving you with heavy feelings to deal with on your own. You may find yourself over working, watching too much TV, over eating, drinking, smoking, or compulsively shopping to cope with these feelings.

How do you tame the tiger?

The feelings don’t go away on their own. They need to be acknowledged with love, and then laid to rest in a peaceful way. A true grieving process requires a safe, step-by-step process in a group context with a competent group leader.


Coming through to the other side of the feelings is worth it!

The human heart was made to love – it is a natural part of being human and it makes life worth living. Being able to love opens up your ability to live a full and vibrant life. When your heart is free and open, it becomes easy to plan trips, organize your finances, even begin to date!


A special opportunity for the Suddenly Single Woman Community

Here’s what you will take away from this unique community program:

  • Learn why your heart closes after the end of a relationship, and what it takes to open it again
  • Understand how grieving can be done in a safe and healthy way
  • Glimpse how much better you will feel after you unburden your heart from the loss
  • Take the first step to free your heart so you can bring love to all of your projects and dreams – whether it is world travel, starting a business or attracting a love partner


This Seminar is free – A heart gift



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Andrea M. Winn, MEd, Dream Whisperer and Transformative Life Coach, has worked with women in the area of relational trauma and grief since 2007. She has traditional training through an MEd Counselling Psychology with an emphasis on Solution-Focused counselling. But more importantly, she has a deep spiritual background from growing up in a Tibetan Buddhist community and studying with a Mic Mac Shaman.

Andrea’s favourite movies are about horse whisperers. She loves the powerful depth of their compassion as they heal traumatized horses, guiding them to be joyfully productive and vibrant creatures again. She focused her training to develop an approach like this for helping women. It takes great courage to overcome the dark shadow that lays across your heart after the end of a love relationship; it also takes wise guidance. Andrea is honoured to offer this guidance to women who desire to heal their heart and be able to feel and love again. You can contact Andrea at[/features_box_paper_white]