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SMR Abuse Healing Group

We believe in the power of safe sharing

to open a space for healing, connection, and community.


This announcement is a compassionate call to women who feel they have experienced any form of sexualized violence or clergy sexual misconduct by Sakyong Mipham Rinpoche. Clergy sexual misconduct is defined as sexual advances or propositions made by religious leaders to a person in the congregations they serve who is not their spouse or significant other.

The goal of this announcement is to begin to provide a safe resource for women who may have experienced abuse or misconduct by SMR. We intend to start a healing group this Fall (Fall 2018) to provide a space for women to be able to share their stories, to emerge from the silent shadow of shame and isolation, to consider questions, fears, and concerns about samaya, and to, if desired, rediscover the power of honest, compassionate and transparent community.

(Note: this group is not being offered by Andrea Winn herself, but Andrea is providing an administrative startup for the group)

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