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A 4-Week Transformational Experience

Honour the sacred feminine within you… 

Bring vulnerability, joy and play into your relationship with money.


Learn how to connect your spirituality with money.


Identify your core personal values, and allow them to

guide you in a new sacred dance with money.




Have You Been Struggling With Money?


It’s no surprise!

Our financial system is rooted in the brokenness of society.

In fact, our banking system practices “Fractional Reserve Banking”.

The name reflects our society’s fractured relationship with money.


It reflects  our emotional and spiritual brokenness

and the brokenness of our relationship with Mother Earth.


It is possible to heal this brokenness.

You really can form a sacred relationship with money ~

A spiritually guided relationship that is rooted in your core values.

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A return to sacredness

Teachings from Ayman Sawaf

In ancient Egypt commerce was regarded as sacred. Priests and priestesses practiced sacred commerce as their spiritual path. The purpose was to create uplifting goods for trade. They travelled into Africa and the middle east, and they bartered things like sacred books and healing herbs- goods that lifted people out of the mode of focusing on survival and security, so that they could pursue the sacred.

Later on, chauvinism hit it, and the feminine was ripped out of it.

We are fortunate in our time because the sacred and feminine are coming back into our life. In Sacred Commerce our inner essence is our wealth. It is our mirror. When we change ourself inside, the world changes.

We can work on own inner commerce. It is our belief systems, attitudes, choices, and agreements, and this is what creates reality. The more we work with our inner commerce, the more the quality of our resonance is elevated, and we attract a better reality.

Sacred Commerce is the commerce of you – of what’s inside of you, so you can create a sacred reality.

Ayman Sawaf is one of the original creators of the disciplines now known as Emotional Literacy (EL). He is also attributed as an early pioneer in emotional intelligence (EQ), co-creator of the four cornerstone model and its application in business, as illustrated in his book with Dr. Robert Cooper, Executive EQ.

I had the privilege of hearing Ayman speak about his most recent work in Sacred Commerce in March 2016. The above is a selection from what he spoke of in that meeting. The program I am offering here is in strong alignment with the principles Ayman teaches.

Learn more about Ayman and his work here: www.sacredcommerce.com


[headline_georgia_medium_centered color=”#000000″]Form Your Sacred Relationship With Money[/headline_georgia_medium_centered]


A 4-Week Transformational Experience

Enter a program that guides you through a clear, step-by-step process to create connection with your personal Money Spirit Guide. Then be guided to identify your core values. Your Money Spirit Guide and core values will provide a new sacred structure for your relationship with money.

Experience personal transformation through this 4-week live Tele-course, combined with a private online forum for interaction between classes. There will be a maximum of 10 participants. This intimate group setting is designed to empower you to have a powerful transformation in your relationship with money.


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Week 1: Identify your intention

  • Welcome
  • Be guided in a creative process to identify your clear and powerful Money Journey Intention


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Week 2:Connect with your Money Spirit Guide*

  • Bodymap your Money Spirit Guide
  • Follow a creative process to allow your Money Spirit Guide to respond to your Money Journey Intention

* I will guide you to connect with your Money Spirit Guide using a method called “Soul Art”. I am a certified Level 3 Spirit Guide Soul Art Guide. You can read more about Soul Art here: www.soulartcertification.com




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Week 3: Identify your core values and create a sacred alter for your Love-Money Pots**

  • Be guided through an exercise to create your Money Mythical Story
  • Analyze your Money Mythical Story to identify your 10 core personal values
  • Learn about Love-Money Pots and the function of a sacred alter
  • Be given a method for infusing energy into your Love-Money Pots

** Love-Money Pots is a concept created by Sheva Carr, a Thought Leader in the area of Heart-centered Relationship With Money. Sheva also teaches about the often overlooked value of “attention”, and how important it is to place your attention where it matters. You can read more about Sheva and her work here: heartmastery.com/about-us/sheva-carr



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Week 4: Harvest the fruit of your Money Journey

  • Learn how to “listen” to your Love-Money Pot Alter, attend to it, and continue to allow it to transform
  • Learn about the often overlooked value of ATTENTION
  • Explore how to continue investing attention in your Love-Money Pots
  • Identify next steps
  • Celebrate forming your sacred relationship with money!

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Course details

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  • Attend Four Live Classes by teleconference, one on each Wednesday in May (May 4, 11, 18, 25) from 7:30 – 8:30 pm EST. I will lead you in a step of the journey each week. You will have the chance to ask questions and get my feedback in these class sessions. You are encouraged to attend all the live classes. However, if you miss a class, you can listen to the audio replay of the class.
  • Receive a Form Your Sacred Relationship With Money Course Workbook with the exercises we will be doing in class.
  • Access the Course Members ONLY Facebook Group – a place to connect, build friendships and community, ask questions and get feedback from other members of the class.
  • Answer a before and after questionnaire to clearly measure your progress.
  • Your investment for this powerful experience: $97



Would you like to be part of this empowering experience?

For questions and to register for this course, email



Please note: This course is by invitation only.

It is limited to 10 participants.

Register today to ensure your place in the program.