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Do you work hard… Make money… But your bank account doesn’t reflect it?

Are you dedicated to providing for your family, but not making as much money as you’d like?

Are you tired of struggling with money?


Soul Art is a beautiful and fun method

that enables you to look directly in the face of your money issues, 

Understand Them,

And Resolve Them.



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This Course Empowers You To

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  • Get into vibrant connection with your Truth
  • Trust yourself
  • Be much more positive, certain, confident and vibrant
  • Bring clarity to what you need to do to improve your finances



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Why Is Soul Art So Effective?

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  • Soul Art gives a tangible safe space for you to open up
  • It is a fun and nurturing space, where you can lay down your defences
  • It’s a space where rigid places in your heart can crack open and allow flow
  • It’s a place where your belief can open up
  • It opens your energy
  • Soul Art gives you a channel of communication to dialog with your Soul Wisdom
  • It’s a place to open up new possibilities and connections
  • Doing Soul Art is an embodied, gentle and inspired activity that makes you feel good



An example of Soul Art
An example of Soul Art

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“I would say to a person taking this workshop that they would have a pretty intense journey of reaching into themselves, if they are open to it. Setting intention with a step by step guidance was a very powerful and fulfilling experience.”

~ Doris, Toronto, ON

“The workshop gave me an opportunity to attach symbols to my feelings which enabled them to feel more real. I enjoyed the personal reflection; pulling together the pieces that seem disparate but are actually connected.”

~ MH, Toronto, ON






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What will your experience be like?

I will guide you in a complete Soul Art journey over the course of four weeks.

First I will guide you to identify a clear and powerful intention for your journey. You will identify precisely where you want to go so you can create a clear transformation in your life.

You are spirit embodied on earth, so next you will trace your bodymap on a large sheet of paper to create a base structure for your Soul Art. This brings your experience of your body into the Soul Art process.

Then you will enter into a creative expression process and create a collage with magazine cutouts.

We will conclude your journey by identifying your insights from the Soul Art and a Spirit Action to activate these insights in your everyday life.

After the course is over, you will get a 15-minute Individual Coaching call to support the successful completion of your Spirit Action and overall journey.

This course gives you a clear vision for how to overcome your financial challenge and move forward with creating the life you desire. It’s a lot of fun! No art skill or experience is needed – just your desire for clarity and to have a fun experience.



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Here are the course details

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  • You will complete one full Soul Art Journey to create your personal, unique connection with Financial Abundance
  • Four LIVE classes by teleconference, one on each Tuesday in April from 8:00 – 9:00 pm EST. I will lead you in a piece of the journey each week. You will have the chance to ask questions and get my feedback in these class sessions.
  • If you miss a class, you can listen to the audio replay of the class. You can also submit questions via email prior to a class if you are going to miss it, and I will answer them for the recording.
  • Access to the Open Your Cash Flow Course Members ONLY Private Forum – a place to connect, build friendships and community, ask questions and get feedback from other members of the class.
  • One 15-minute Individual Coaching call to support the successful completion of your Spirit Action and overall journey.




Your investment: $177.00


2 monthly payments of $97.00



Do you have any questions?

Let me know what you need to make a grounded, life-changing decision.

click here to send an email now

I will respond.


Testimonials from other Soul Art programs

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Maria let go and trusted herself. She had a lot of fun, and there was a message there for her.


Maria ‘Savita’ Mars, Innisfil, Ontario


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Jenny_VideoJenny graduated from College and needed clear vision to bring her skills into paid work. Her Root Chakra Soul Art Skype Session gave her clarity to create her own “luck” and land her desired position within a month of completing her journey!

Jenny Godwin, Grass Valley, California[/content_box_blue]

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The coaching sessions were upbeat, structured, respectful and spiritual in a way that was new to me. I enjoyed the sessions very much. As a result of the coaching, I have new intent and goals in writing that I’m able to focus on and review every day. I shared my experience with my friends and they are excited, happy for me and support my journey. In sharing, I became closer to my friends, we learned about each other and we learned different ways to experience one another.

Andrea’s coaching helped me clarify my intentions for a love relationship. Her respectful guidance established a safe environment that allowed me to feel comfortable articulating my heart’s deepest desires and define my intention in writing. I feel more confident in my ability to make choices to support my intention. I am going out more often and I am more confident exploring relationships and social outings.

Over the years I have sought different relationships yet each one was the same. I worked with various counselors and yet never felt satisfied. The relationship work I did with Andrea was inspiring, insightful and motivating. The principles are repeatable and easy to apply. While easy, I have to commit my time and energy to achieve my relationship goals and be focused on the future.

Stacie, San Diego, California[/content_box_blue]
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Andrea M. Winn, MEd, Dream Whisperer, is a certified Level 2 Chakra Soul Art Guide. She was brought up in a Tibetan Buddhist community and has been meditating for over 40 years. Andrea brings her foundation of meditative discipline and her skill as a Soul Art Guide to her whispering of people’s dreams. She offers the transformative and empowering gifts of her unique approach to people around the world through individual coaching, downloadable meditations and on-line community connection. You can contact Andrea at[/features_box_paper_white]