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Andrea M. Winn, Dream Whisperer


Dear Noble Life Journeyer,

Our lives today are complicated as we take on more roles and added responsibilities as parents, caregivers, community members, business owners and as people who genuinely care about the people in our lives. We extend ourselves til we are spread thin, like a tightly stretched rubber band!

And have you noticed that in our increasingly complex world, relationships have been getting messier?

I know that at times I begin to beat myself up about this – thinking I’m a failure at life, a failure at loving people, a failure at making money, a failure at running my business, and the list continues to spiral down. I completely lose sight of all the good stuff I’m doing and the beautiful things I’m bringing to improve people’s lives. Does any of this sound familiar to you?

I’ve thought about this… when life spins out of control, it feels awful!

And in fact, it goes back even before that – if we allow our MIND to spin out of control, then everything is going to look topsy turvy, and then we start making decisions from that place… and that’s how we create a life that is spinning out of control!

Well, the solution to this mind control problem isn’t new – we have all heard about meditation and how powerful a method it is to calm the mind. Think about it… with a calm mind you can have one highly productive day after another because you are calm, centered and focused!

I know this, because I started meditating daily again four weeks ago, and I’ve had the most AMAZING start to 2013 with consistent highly productive days! Would you like to experience this too?

And the benefit of a calm mind doesn’t stop there! We all know that life throws us curve balls – sometimes big ones. And it only make sense that a calm mind deals better than a scattered, scared mind with life’s disruptions. In meditation circles they say that meditation builds in a shock absorber to go over the bumps of life more easily – without the jarring shakeups. Does this sound interesting?

And what about relationships? If you are dealing with relationships from a reactive place, you will likely snap at people, make snap decisions, and basically disrupt the loving environment that relationships need to grow. Meditation is a way of working with your mind, to calm it, and you will begin to feel a comfortable buffer zone around you when you are dealing with people in all situations. That comfort zone makes it much easier to make proactive decisions and create the joyful and loving relationships that you want! Wouldn’t you love to create love in this practical way for yourself?

And incidentally, meditation empowers you to deal better with bullies. By getting synchronized within yourself, you are able to hear your own warning bells early in the game. Since meditation helps you get your wits about you, you can deal proactively when those warning bells go off –> Tell the person where you are drawing the line – and then honour that line yourself! Wouldn’t you love to protect yourself like this?

Well, here’s the big question…


How important is it to you to create  a shift like this in your life?



Announcing The

Easy 7-Day Meditation Kick Start Program

A step-by-step guided journey to integrate meditation in your life


I have created a powerful, grounded and EASY program to integrate meditation on a daily basis into your life. I have been mediating since I was 6 years old. I bring together my life-long connection with meditation with my skills as a psychotherapist in an introductory meditation program carefully created for YOU, the busy people in today’s complex society.

In this program I introduce you to a 2500 year old breathing meditation technique that has been proven through the test of time. Then I walk you step-by-step through a process to integrate daily meditation into your life.

I am sharing this meditation program in an affordable and accessible format, so that you will use it and actually start meditating on a daily basis. And what’s really exciting is you will SEE the benefits start to percolate into your life! I’m so positive you will begin to see the changes you want – even if you’ve made unsuccessful attempts to meditate in the past – that I am offering a FULL MONEY BACK GUARANTEE!

What is the

Easy 7-Day Kick Start Meditation Program?

Here is my method broken down into 7 clear steps:

Day 1: Welcome and beginning our journey

In this step you will:

  • Learn about the monkey in your mind and how meditation tames it
  • Learn how meditation clears your mind so you can focus
  • Learn how to shift gears from being busy to sitting quietly and meditating
  • Get organized for the 7-day journey

Day 2: The power of creating your intention

In this step you will:

  • Understand why intention is the foundation of powerful meditation
  • Go through an exercise to identify your intention
  • Post your intention in your every day space

Day 3: Learn to meditate!

In this step you will:

  • Be led through the full breath-based meditation technique and we’ll give it a try together!

Day 4: Create your meditation location

In this step you will:

  • Explore what qualities in a space lend it to being calm, reflective and quiet for you
  • Explore where you might create such a space in your home
  • Explore what you will sit on to meditate, a cushion or a chair
  • Determine what actions are needed to set up your meditation space

Day 5: Identify your ideal meditation time and be introduced to using a practice log

In this step you will:

  • Learn why having a regular meditation time is helpful
  • Do an exercise to determine your best time of day to meditate
  • Learn about the importance of having a meditation practice log, and start to use the one provided with this program

Day 6: Start to explore meditation community

In this step you will:

  • Learn why community is so important to establishing a strong regular mediation practice
  • Receive tips for how to locate a community that is right for you
  • Connect with others who are doing the 7-Day Meditation Kick Start Program

Day 7: Going deeper… making a good relationship with your meditation

In this step you will:

  • Go through an exercise to envision what a deep relationship with your meditation will look and feel like
  • Understand some of the major reasons people find meditation hard to do (the #1 reason is anxiety!)
  • Receive strategies for dealing with these challenges
  • Receive an offer of further support for dealing with difficult emotions that can come up during meditation


Here’s how the program works:

  1. You will receive one email a day, guiding you through the 7 steps of this journey – each step should take you about 15 minutes
  2. Each daily email will have an audio, any worksheets for the day, and a supplementary resource (either a reading or a link to a video of a meditation master)
  3. You will also receive a downloadable dream whisperer meditation log
  4. See your desired results accumulating week by week!


So what is your investment for this effective

Meditation Kick Start experience?

If you’ve looked around you’ll know there are a wide variety of resources on-line and in person for learning to meditate. So why isn’t everyone meditating?

Face it… we live our lives in a fragmented, scattered, channel-changing way, and it can be a big challenge to slow down! What makes this program different is the attention paid to the powerful challenges people in modern society face when trying to slow down and sit quietly.

Here are four important enhancements beyond standard meditation trainings:

  1. This program gives you do-able, common sense steps to  integrate meditation into your life
  2. It takes your psychology and emotions into account
  3. The program is delivered through recorded audios, and people say my voice is calming. (I can only guess this is from my own years of meditating)
  4. You receive a meditation log to help keep you on track in the first tender days of starting your new meditation habit

Added Bonus:

You will receive the short daily recordings in an MP3 format which you can download, burn to CD, or transfer to your iPod.

With these distinct enhancements, the Meditation Kick Start Program is valued at $100. Because I’m passionate about getting this important program out there to help you shift into living a more stable, joyful and Abundant life, I’m offering the Meditation Kick Start Program for $47, a savings of over 50%!

Try My Easy 7-Day Easy Kick Start Meditation Program for 3 Weeks & If You Don’t See Your Path To Greater Focus and Feeling Better

I will Refund Your Investment


Stop allowing monkey mind to rob you of the stability you need to create joy and Abundance in all areas of your life!

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Investment: $47.00

Note: 5% of your purchase will be donated to Times Change Women’s Employment Service.


Do you have any questions?

You can ask me any question that’s on your mind or in your heart about The Easy 7-Day Easy Kick Start Meditation Program and I’ll support you in making a grounded decision about if it’s right for you.

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Investment: $47.00

Try My Easy 7-Day Easy Kick Start Meditation Program for 3 Weeks & If You Don’t See Your Path To Greater Focus and Feeling Better

I will Refund Your Investment


Stop allowing monkey mind to rob you of the stability you need to create joy and Abundance in all areas of your life!