Are you lonely but scared to date?

Is the thought of dating a bit overwhelming?

Do you jump in too quickly and get burned?

Do you sometimes wonder if you are addicted to drama?


Get in the driver seat now.

Get your copy of this free training audio:

Lesbian Dating 101


Join Andrea M. Winn, MEd and Amy Greenleaf Brassert , MSW RSW as they team up to offer this hope-filled audio training to engage your ability to date women in healthy and fun ways.

For many women dating is like boarding a speeding train without knowing where it’s going, who else is on the train, and worst of all… if anyone is driving. It often ends up crashing. In our ground-breaking approach we teach how slowing down and bringing awareness are the keys to creating a new and positive dating experience.

Invest 1 hour of your time with these two caring and wise women in an educational and fun audio program to re-ignite your excitement about dating:

  • Learn about unique challenges that lesbians face in dating
  • Identify patterns that are sabotaging your dating experience or keeping you from dating
  • Take away powerful strategies to have a healthy and fun experience dating

This training is for LGBTQI2S women who date women. It will have useful information for forming any kind of intimate relationship, including friendships. Email for more information.

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~ Lesbian LOVE Coach ~

Andrea M. Winn MEd was brought up in a Tibetan Buddhist community and has been meditating since she was 7 years old. Throughout her adult life she has been drawn to engage her own healing and development in powerful ways and to really dig into understanding how to create healthy intimacy in relationships.She now shares her compassionate and empowering methods through Personal Coaching and Internet Dating Education Programs.

Andrea came out when she was 17 years old, and thoroughly enjoys being Lesbian! She is passionate about community and about healthy relationship. She started two LGBT meditation communities: TheToronto Women’s Meditation Group and The Shambhala Rainbow Meditation Group.

She is passionate about empowering the Lesbian community with new strategies for exploring and forming healthy, joy-full and sustainable LOVE relationships. She has worked as a Meditation Guide, Trauma Therapist, Shaman, and Abundance Business Coach. She integrates the wealth of her training and experience as a Lesbian LOVE Coach to effectively guide Lesbians to find their True LOVE. [/features_box_paper_white]

[features_box_paper_white width=”75%” + border=”2px”]Amy Greenleaf Brassert RSW has over 20 years experience as a psychotherapist.  She owned and operated a private practice as a psychotherapist in Seattle, WA before relocating to Toronto in 2004.  In 2003, Amy decided to add coaching to her practice: more specifically Relationship Coaching.  She describes herself as a “Relationship Re-combobulator”.  Just like the place in the airport where you go after security to re-assemble yourself after being discombobulated by the security process, her role is to help people “re-assemble” their relationships in new, creative and innovative ways that support health and growth.  Amy works with individuals and with couples, business partners and any two people who want to change or grow their relationship.  She believes that strong relationships take care and attunment. [/features_box_paper_white]