Legacy Play Adventure

A profound coaching journey

Healing and adventuring to discover your deepest gifts.

Then starting your own small business using your discovered gifts.

Build abundant wealth

though compassionate impact in the world.

The 7-step Legacy Play Adventure Program condenses profound learning from my 21 years experience as a coach and master healer. This very system empowered me to found Buddhist Project Sunshine, the high profile global social justice movement I led in 2018 that was featured on the front page of The New York Times and in Newsweek, The GuardianThe Columbia Journalism Review, Global TV, CBC TV, CBC radio and NPR radio.  

My 7-Step Signature System

PHASE 1: Discern Your Legacy Gifts 

(2 months)

Step 1: Prepare physically and mentally so you can powerfully begin your program

Step 2: Awaken twelve internal energy sources so you are filled with strength, courage, and razor sharp insight to navigate your Hero's Journey

Step 3: Take your brave Hero’s Journey to discover your unique legacy with crystal clarity

Step 4: Translate your legacy gifts into a viable business offering

PHASE 2: Activate Your Legacy - Kickstart Your Legacy  Business With The Abundance LIFT OFF Game 

(3 months)

Step 5: Prepare physically and mentally for bringing your business to the World

Step 6: Create your powerful marketing structure

Step 7: World Engagement - Four weeks of focused action connecting with Ideal Clients

PHASE 1: Discern Your Legacy Gifts

Driving this program is my core belief that every person was born with a legacy. Do you know yours? Knowing and living your legacy brings the highest levels of joy and fulfillment. The way to discover your legacy is through a hero’s journey into the deepest knowing of your heart. 

Once discovered, your heart legacy can then be activated through easy  action steps for establishing your legacy. This program gives you a clear roadmap, showing you where best to invest your time, money and attention to ensure you are living a truly happy, fulfilling and purpose-aligned life.

Angela has completed three full coaching programs

"It really helped me anchor myself. It created a much clearer cleaner feeling in my life. It’s made it much easier to focus on what my heart really cares about. My energy is way better. My sleep is fantastically better!

I’m recognizing my power to influence for the better. There are five important family relationships which used to be a source of grief, and now they are so much better. I wouldn’t have made those shifts without my coaching relationship with Andrea."

Dr Angela Raffle BSc (Hons) MBChB FFPH
Consultant in Public Health
Bristol UK
Kanthi Tantirige
Embodied Wellness Coach
Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Kanthi is 66 and was not sure what her life purpose was. She felt stuck in her life. She had childhood trauma and was living in fear that “it is not safe in the world,” so how could she reach out to the world with a business? 

Kanthi flourished in the Legacy Play Adventure Coaching program, benefitting from Andrea's  deep listening, clarity and focus to create her soul-aligned business as an Embodied Wellness Coach.

PHASE 2: Activate Your Legacy Through Kickstarting Your Own Business With The Abundance LIFT OFF Game

In 3 months I coach you to kickstart
a business based in your unique gifts
using my proven & fun method,
The Abundance LIFT OFF Game:

Month 1:
Ground & Intention

Partner with the Divine

Personally define Abundance

Tidy your physical space

Set your Game intention

Plan self-care

Create space in your calendar

Positive Group Vibe: Energetically connect with other group participants

Month 2:
Plan & Prepare

Get to know your ideal customer

Clearly define your offer

Create your tracking system

Compose your invitation and presentation

Month 3:
World Engagement

Kickstart your business with four weeks of focused connection with ideal customers using an organic developmental process.

Ben Black 
Jazz Vocalist and Composer

Ben experienced the program as safe, thoughtful, clear and step-by-step. Meeting weekly and getting support to go through the journey allowed him to connect with Abundance and use that energy to raise $7,000 USD in just one month for finishing his CD. He inspired so much excitement for his music, people continued to contribute to his campaign beyond the $7,000 goal, and in fact continue to contribute to it a year later! See his Mystery and Wonder Fundraiser

Ben says the program helped him move through his blocks to success and connect with Universal wisdom so that magical things happened. His CD is now launched and being listened to around the world!

2021 Graduation Photo

About the Program Coach

Andrea M. Winn, MEd Counselling Psychology

Andrea is a wise, brave and caring woman. She has integrated deep personal healing with strong academic training, healing arts training, social justice activism, and work with clients for the past 20 years. Andrea is a catalyst for change. She works globally to invoke healing and authentic spirituality. Her passion is empowering people to live their full potential. Her work has been documented in high-profile publications such as the front page of The New York Times, Newsweek, The Guardian, and The Columbia Journalism Review. She has been interviewed on NPR, CBC Radio, CBC TV and Global TVHer formal credentials include:

Running my own dynamic coaching business since 2003
A Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology - Specializing in trauma healing (OISE, University of Toronto)
A Masters of Computer Science (DalTech/Dalhousie University)
Three years of business training (Ontario Self-Employment Business Program, Your Planning Partners, the Abundance Project)
A 6-month Mediation Certification Program (York University)
Four levels of Soul Art Guide Certification Training (Bodymapping, Chakras, Spirit Guides, and Shaman, 2017)
Five year apprenticeship with a Mi’kmaq Shaman 
Bio-Energetic Emotional Access Method (BEAM) practitioner
A lifetime of mindfulness meditation, beginning with growing up in a Tibetan Buddhist community

Would you like a free
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I’m offering these free strategy sessions because:

  1. It's aligned with my purpose to empower as many people as I can
  2. I enjoy these sessions and I know it will genuinely help you
  3. It’s a great way for you to learn about the program and whether it is for you
  4. You will make an informed decision about whether to move forward with a Legacy Play Adventure, and we will know that we are a good fit

I can be of most benefit to you when:

  • You have a HUGE desire for a fulfilling life
  • You're an ACTION TAKER, committed to doing what it takes to create a life you love
  • You have a DEEP desire to make a difference
  • You have something truly valuable to offer
  • You have funds available to invest in a five-month program to discern and activate your legacy, and make the coming years the best years of your life

So, assuming that's you, here's what to do next...

Schedule a free 15-minute Strategy Session. I look forward to helping you create the life of your dreams!

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