An authentic contemporary enlightenment experience…


Heal Your Heart Through Meditation

A 21-Day Mind-Full LOVE Transformation


Do you want to feel more alive?

Do you wish you were more loving?

Do you sometimes blow up in anger wishing you could be more present, calm and proactive?

Do you want to be more open to receiving love?


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Strengthen your ability to be lovingly present with yourself and others.

Transform your capacity to love and be loved well.


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What makes this program so effective?

It brings powerful contemporary approaches to change together with the backbone of traditional Buddhist meditation:

  • Solution-focused brief therapy exercises
  • Guided visualizations to resolve blocked energy, developed by Dr. Fred Gallo, the father of Energy Medicine
  • Creative expressive art
  • The Buddhist practice of maitri, or love towards oneself
  • The Buddhist compassion practices of Tonglen and the Four Limitless Ones

And we bring playfulness and ease to our journey of discovery and transformation!




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Week 1: Establish the foundation for a powerful journey

  • Explore your experience of Love & Set your LOVE Transformation Intention
  • Energize your intention
  • Sow the seeds of  your intention
  • Create space for your transformation
  • Prepare your body for your transformation
  • Prepare emotionally for your transformation
  • Clearly envision your transformation
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Week 2: Maitri – Self-Love

  • Self-love, or maitri
  • Self-love and gremlins
  • Gremlin as a doorway to greater love
  • Resolve your gremlin energy
  • Cleaning Dervish Day 1
  • Cleaning Dervish Day 2
  • Enjoy the space!

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Day 3: Learn to meditate!

In this step you will:

  • Be led through the full breath-based meditation technique and we’ll give it a try together!

Here’s how the program works:

  1. I will guide you through a 1-week preparation process
  2. For the next 4 weeks you will receive emails carefully guiding you through a process of healing. We will be using the book, Women Who Run With the Wolves, by Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes. By deepening your meditative awareness through meditation practice, you will have a much more stable mind and heart to engage Estes’ healing process for rage.
  3. In the final week, I will lead you in an integration process so that you fully benefit from the amazing healing work you did in the first 5 weeks!
  4. Throughout the program you will have access to a private community discussion space where I and other program participants will be answering your questions and engaging with you about your journey. This discussion space is only for those registered in the program.


So, are you ready to make the decision to heal?


 Do You Have Any Questions?

You can ask me any question that’s on your mind or in your heart about The Heal Your Heart Through Meditation Program and I’ll support you in making a grounded decision about if it’s right for you.

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