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A Leadership Program designed

for Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne

For the past 8 months I have been exclusively attracting leaders into my coaching practice. In January I decided to raise the bar by designing a service at the level of our Premier, Kathleen Wynne.

I met Kathleen years ago at a women’s dance being organized by her partner. We discovered we have three important things in common: (1) we share virtually the last same name, (2) we are lesbian and have a profound love and concern for women, and (3) we are both trained as mediators. Over the years and through heart-full conversations, our respect for each other has grown.

Premier Wynne is an exceptional leader. She is heart-centered and strives to consistently lead from heart-based values even in the face of enormous pressures to disconnect from her heart. She has extraordinary strength, vitality and wisdom to bring to the table. I know this is why we all so deeply respect her and are grateful for what she is bringing to the top leadership position in our province.

It is therefore a great privilege to design a coaching program that brings exquisite care and sharp strategic focus for deepening her emotional foundation for heart-centered leadership. Part of preparing this in a professional way is to run a solid BETA Test. Following this BETA Test, I will present this program to Premier Wynne with every hope that she will invest in this work herself.

Take advantage of this opportunity to experience high level leadership coaching and take your leadership to a new level!

Special BETA Test

BETA Test Participants get a significant discount on this life-changing program


6 BETA Positions Available.

Interviews are happening now.


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Today’s world is complicated and unpredictable

New paradigm changes are constantly emerging

Old paradigm strategies aren’t working

Leaders can feel they are stumbling in the dark

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Specific areas of challenge

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  • Integrity
  • Capacity
  • Relationships
  • Balancing Family and Work
  • Health challenges


A New Kind of Leadership is Required

Where Leaders…

Stand in the future and look backward from that imagined place

Decide what they have to do today, tomorrow, next week, next month to get to that future

Envision a grounded and clear imagined future to do scenario planning and predict the future


A Heroic Leadership Vision Session

Gives Access To Your Clear Imagined Future

I use a holistic 5-step process to

Leverage the creativity and insight of your Right Brain

Leverage the structure and stability of your Left Brain

To create a comprehensive strategic vision for Your Unique Imagined Future

This process solves problems people thought were impossible to solve in the past

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Empowering Leaders

Through Heroic Leadership Coaching

Heroic Leadership Coaching empowers business leaders to establish clear Heartspace so they can be vulnerable, playful and access their deepest insight for solving real-world business problems.

I recognize there is a vital component missing in traditional business training. Coming out of school, leaders were taught the essentials of business, yet they were taught neither emotional nor spiritual intelligence, two qualities essential to good leadership. This has led to unavoidably half-hearted leadership where leaders often feel forced to make choices they regret – choices that hurt people, harm the environment, and ultimately burden the leader’s heart with scars.

Heroic Leadership Coaching was founded on the belief that if business leaders have access to high-integrity creative coaching support, they will create better strategic plans and make better decisions. This alone will make this a kinder, healthier and more respectful society.

Through trial and error I have discovered there are two key components to delivering such a service. First, it is necessary to create a strong retreat program to remove leaders from their day-to-day concerns; within quiet, they can relax and access deep inner wisdom to create innovative holistic strategic plans. Second, weekly coaching support is necessary for integrating these strategic plans into their business.

I deliver customized Heroic Leadership Coaching programs to heart-centered business leaders. My “Why” is simple. I know that if I help business leaders lead from their full integrity, the ripple effect will impact many, entering us into a new business paradigm where all can thrive.

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My Story


Andrea M. Winn, Founder and Heroic Leadership Coach
Andrea M. Winn, Founder and Heroic Leadership Coach
I haven’t always been so clear about my envisioned future. In fact, I hit rock bottom in 2001. I was working for a large software development lab in Toronto. I was brought up Tibetan Buddhist and strongly socialized with the value of compassion. This company was focused more on their bottom line, and my requests for decisions to be made from compassion fell on deaf ears. I felt powerless, and I eventually had an emotional breakdown.

My doctor took me off work and I immediately engaged an intensive healing journey through traditional therapy and then moved into trauma energetics based therapies. After years of processing and clearing my own emotional hurts, I began to look towards helping others and enrolled in an MEd Counselling Psychology.

After graduating with my degree, I worked as a therapist for a couple of years and I also completed three business training programs. I started to realize I had more to give. I had long-term spiritual experience through my Buddhist practice which gives me powerful presence. I also LOVE business, and frankly I am ambitious. So I started coaching two Investment Advisors in the financial industry.

We worked on relational issues and business development. Within six months my clients were having remarkable results! Their income increased 25-30% and they were promoted to being Wealth Advisors.

I have gone on to complete three years of study and three levels of certification in a visioning method called Soul Art. I love this strategic and creative method because it is goal-oriented, elegant, and produces visions that resonate with our most profound human truths. This is the method I use in my Heroic Leadership Vision Sessions.

Two years ago I began coming through the other side of integrating the new paradigm of business. In 2014, I made a clear internal decision: to ground and focus my coaching offering. And I meant it! By 2015 I was attracting exclusively business leaders as clients.

Today I work with leaders, empowering them in heart-centered holistic leadership that is life-affirming for them, their families, and their businesses. This has come full-circle for me from my own struggles in the corporate world 15 years ago to now creating a measurable impact through creating Heartspace for leaders to think, feel and vision a human and inspiring future.


So what’s the First Step?


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We Need To Acknowledge

Our Emotional Impact In The Workplace

Guidance from Organizational Thought Leader,

Dr. Sandra Bloom

Organizational leaders play a key role in managing the emotional world of the organization. If we are reactive, anxious, scared, hopeless, and helpless, others will likely follow suit.

When we become overwhelmed, we may be more likely to jump in and try to fix a problem without knowing all the facts, not because we necessarily know the answers, but because we just want to feel that we are doing something to better manage our emotions. Conversely, we are also susceptible to withdrawal when we feel overwhelmed.

The ability of managers to know themselves and regulate their own emotional world is crucial.

Leaders in Today’s World Need A Strong Emotional Foundation


DRALA! offers a clear way

to establish a strong emotional Foundation

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Deep Rooted Authentic Leadership, AWAKE!

Program Details

This 2-month innovative and personalized coaching program guides you to look deep within in a steady way to identify your unique needs. You will envision your personal journey for how to create a deeper, stronger emotional foundation. Then I will support you taking steps to create your envisioned emotional foundation.

  • A 3.5 hour confidential, deep dive Heroic Leadership Vision Session. This is a 1-on-1, in person session at the Heroic Leadership Vision Studio where you will:
    • Calmly explore your core needs as a leader
    • Create a Deep Rooted Authentic Leadership, AWAKE! Plan to meet those needs
    • Identify your Leadership Integrity Support Team (which may include: a Business Mentor, Therapist, Wealth Advisor, health care professional, etc.)
  • Six weekly 25-minute Heroic Leadership Coaching Calls to empower you to authentically complete your Leadership Home Base Plan.
  • A 45-minute Program Completion Skype Call where you will bring all the pieces of your journey together into a coherent whole, consolidate gains, and plan your next steps.


Special BETA Program Activities

  • Respond to a short Before-, Middle-, and After-Program Questionnaire.
  • Once you complete your program, engage in a 15-minute appointment to create a brief video about your program experience.

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Corporate Coaching

With co-leaders of a team within a major Canadian bank

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We had a problem being able to feel we deserved our success. Communication is key to our working well in our partnership. We were caught up in being too busy which led to our not communicating with each other and lacking awareness.

Since we started getting coaching with Andrea our income has increased 25 – 30%. I am happy and enjoying life. My relationship with Murray and my other relationships are healthy. It feels great to know I can support people. I realize I can be a leader, and I feel empowered in that. Andrea is warm, kind, strong, direct, honest, reliable, trust worthy and spiritual.

J. Gavin Clark[/content_box_blue]
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I was having trouble with communication and being able to feel open. I had trouble hearing and being heard by my business partner, Gavin. I felt guilty about having and doing what I wanted in our work. We needed support.

Since working with Andrea I am more accepting of who I am and more accepting of my business partner. My level of trust in Gavin has changed so much! I feel more love. I am working better with clients, and our income has increased 25 – 30%. Andrea is grounded and spiritual, which is a combination that is so needed in the business and corporate world.

Murray J. Newman[/content_box_blue]

Emerging New Paradigm Corporate Coaching

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Nadia was able to step away from her busy corporate position and envision what would truly fulfil her… starting a small charitable organization with some very unique values. Click to watch her video testimonial.

Nadia Heyd, Founding a small charitable organization. Toronto, Onatario

Relationship Coaching

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The coaching sessions were upbeat, structured, respectful and spiritual in a way that was new to me. I enjoyed the sessions very much. As a result of the coaching, I have new intent and goals in writing that I’m able to focus on and review every day. I shared my experience with my friends and they are excited, happy for me and support my journey. In sharing, I became closer to my friends, we learned about each other and we learned different ways to experience one another.

Andrea’s coaching helped me clarify my intentions for a love relationship. Her respectful guidance established a safe environment that allowed me to feel comfortable articulating my heart’s deepest desires and define my intention in writing. I feel more confident in my ability to make choices to support my intention. I am going out more often and I am more confident exploring relationships and social outings.

Over the years I have sought different relationships yet each one was the same. I worked with various counselors and yet never felt satisfied. The relationship work I did with Andrea was inspiring, insightful and motivating. The principles are repeatable and easy to apply. While easy, I have to commit my time and energy to achieve my relationship goals and be focused on the future.

Stacie, San Diego, California[/content_box_blue]


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See More Testimonials on my Testimonials Page



Now, You Can Empower Yourself

Prioritize your family and your career in a life-affirming, balanced way

Be vulnerable and authentic in all relationships

Move beyond beyond the old boys’ network – Create a transparent and fair work environment, where employees are engaged through heart-centered values 


Be Part of the BETA TEST of DRALA!


Investment: $5,000


BETA Discounted Price:

$3,000 or three monthly payments of $1,025


Limited to 6 participants

Interviews for the BETA are currently happening


The purpose of the interview is for you to ask any questions you may have, and for us to mutually assess if you are a good fit for the BETA Test.


For more information and request an interview, contact: