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Deep Rooted Authentic Leadership, AWAKE!

Investment: $6,000

Special Pre-Launch Price: $4,997

or 4 monthly payments of $1,274



Your Investment: $4,997


4 monthly payments of $1,274


Program Details

  • A 3.5 hour confidential, deep dive Heroic Leadership Vision Session. This is a 1-on-1, in person session at the Heroic Leadership Vision Studio where you will:
    • Calmly explore your core needs as a leader
    • Create a Deep Rooted Authentic Leadership, AWAKE! Plan to meet those needs
    • Identify your Leadership Integrity Support Team (which may include: a Business Mentor, Therapist, Wealth Advisor, health care professional, etc.)
  • Ten weekly 30-minute Heroic Leadership Coaching Calls to empower you to authentically complete your Deep Rooted Authentic Leadership, AWAKE! Plan.
  • A 45-minute Program Completion Skype Call where you will bring all the pieces of your journey together into a coherent whole, consolidate gains, and plan your next steps.


Additional Support For Your Success

  • Respond to a short Before-, Middle-, and After-Program Questionnaire.
  • Once you complete your program, engage in a 15-minute appointment to create a brief video about your program experience.