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Using Isagenix As An Ethical Life-Giving Funding Vehicle

Divine Spark is a community to empower people around money 

and knit us together in an auspicious way 

to make Abundant stable passive income together 

built on 100% integrity.


Welcome to Divine Spark! This is a community where we want you to feel you belong and where you know your contribution is valued. It is also a community where you feel supported in pursuing your BIG Dream – what is really important to you!


A Community Building Dreams


Specifically, this is a community of intelligent, loving people creating a space where we:
  1. Lovingly attend to our bodies and physical health
  2. Create a community of friendship
  3. Are clear mirrors for each other’s goodness
  4. Take vast compassionate adventures together


Let’s look at each of these four pillars in more depth…


Lovingly attend to our bodies and physical health

Your body is the sacred temple from which you relate with this world. Your health is the foundation for everything you create in your life. Your body allows you to feel, to move, and to express yourself. It is the barometer for creating healthy relationships. Creating dreams and deeper life experiences require physical strength, relaxation, and well-being.


Create a community of friendship

  • Life can be hard at times
  • If people are alone in facing that, stress can build up in the body and mind
  • If we are connected in a healthy way in community, and have a network of friends, we have people to talk with to help us modulate the ups and downs. Healthy community gives us a space where we feel we belong, feel safe and held – it helps us feel our feet on the ground and handle life’s challenges with far more grace and ease


Are clear mirrors for each other’s goodness
  • We all need to be seen
  • When our good heart and good qualities are seen and reflected back to us, it helps us see ourselves, feel good about ourselves
  • It empowers us to create amazing lives!


Take vast compassionate adventures together
  • We are actively creating a group of people who feel their own empowerment, work together, and desire to bring light to darkness in the world. When we are in community, we can truly bring light to seemingly unstoppable problems we witness in the world around us.
  • In time, when we feel stronger and have formed this community, we could take a look at what feels important, identify some change we want to make in this world, and have a coordinated effort to make that change.


Using Isagenix As An Ethical Life-Giving Funding Vehicle

Divine Spark is a community to empower people around money

and knit us together in an auspicious way

to make Abundant stable passive income together

built on 100% integrity.

The truth is, most of us have hang ups around money. We have a whole lot of programming from early childhood on that creates our relationship with money. And that has led to many people struggling around money. People don’t have the money they need to invest in education, health care, personal development, family vacations, their home, etc. They were taught to have a limiting distant relationship with money. Many were actually taught it is wrong or even bad to have money.

In Divine Spark we do creative exercises to exorcise those money issues, so we can have a clean, clear and flowing relationship with money.

The combination of knowing our WHY and having a clear relationship with money is what creates a foundation for making money from an ethical and life-giving place.

Isagenix is an awesome vehicle for funding dreams! Kathy Coover , co-founder, has said that “Isagenix is the most important vehicle for changing people’s lives”

The top reasons why I have chosen Isagenix as our funding vehicle are

  • This company is extremely ethical. For instance: (1) They insist on staying privately held so they can ensure no-compromise state-of-the-art products. (2) They honour the laws of every country they operate in.
  • The products are all about reducing pain, reducing suffering, and making a significant impact on people’s health so that they can live more fulfilling lives and contribute their special gifts to society. This world needs engaged citizens who honour life and are actively making this a more beautiful world home.
  • The final reason why I like this funding vehicle is because they have a really fair and well-planned out compensation plan (I have done an in-depth comparison to a leading competitor, the Young Living Essential Oils compensation plan)

So this is how we are going to make money. It is a team effort, and the money you make will directly fund your life dreams. This is a good way to make money and make the world a better place through every dollar that you make. You can feel 100% good about making money in this way. And once we have begun to establish ourselves, we can start to use some of our efforts and money to make social change in the world.
Right now we are meeting once a month and getting solid in knowing what are dreams are, understanding why they are important, and looking at what it is going to take to create those dreams.

This is also a period of time when we can begin to turn our eye lovingly to how we can improve our physical health so that we have the strength and stamina to courageously pursue our dreams. Isagenix offers state-of-the-art nutrition, health and skin products. They also have a fun motivational program for getting exercise. We are going to get familiar with what they offer, and each of us can start to explore how we might use Isagenix to improve our health.

Once we have gotten pretty solid in knowing our dreams — OUR WHY, transformed our own health and are feeling way more vibrant and alive, then we are going to turn to the HOW… That is where Isagenix as a funding vehicle comes in.

You don’t need to make any commitment to continuing with the group or using Isagenix. There is space for you to join us for a meeting or two and to feel out if this is a good fit for you, and if you are a good fit for this community.

This is exciting!


If you would like to find out more about Divine Spark and how to connect,

contact Andrea at andrea@andreamwinn.com