[headline_georgia_extra_large_centered color=”#000000″]The Most Solid Decision You’ll Ever Make[/headline_georgia_extra_large_centered]


[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#000000″]A 6-Week Course in Wise Discernment[/headline_georgia_large_centered]

A step-by-step guided journey to make a holistic, integrated life decision




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What makes this program different?

The Ignatian approach is a step-by-step method that integrates

1. The wisdom of your heart,
2. The wisdom of your head, and
3. Holy Mystery

It leads you to make a powerful, lasting decision.

You will never need to feel ambivalent about an important decision again!


[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#000000″]The Most Solid Decision You’ll Ever Make:[/headline_georgia_large_centered]
[headline_georgia_large_centered color=”#000000″]A 6-Week Course in Wise Discernment[/headline_georgia_large_centered]

This course breaks down the Ignatian approach into 4 clear steps

that you will take during this 6-week journey:

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Class 1: Welcome and beginning our journey

In this class you will:

  • Learn what a heart-centered, holistic approach to decision-making includes
  • Learn the three types of decisions
  • Clearly identify your decision and what the important pieces are
  • Get organized for the 6-week journey
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Class 2: Bring the decision into the space of contemplation

In this class you will:

  • Learn how to access your Heart Leader and Holy Mystery to help guide you in your process
  • Learn to tune into how you are being drawn or led
  • Start to identify choices based on both the results of our head and heart work
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Class 3: Set up your support team

In this class you will:

  • Learn the types of people who need to be part of your process to reach a complete decision
  • Identify who in your life can fulfill the various roles on your team
  • Get organized to meet with them
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Class 4: Harvest the fruits of your discernment

In this class you will:

  • Identify support for living out your decision
  • Learn how to live out your decision with courage, hope and trust
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Here’s How The Course Works

  1. This course is designed to guide you through making an important life decision.
  2. During this 6-week journey, I will guide you step-by-step through how to use the Ignatian approach to make an important life decision.
  3. We will meet via teleconference for 4 classes and 1 Q&A call, all at 8:30 pm EST (5:30 pm Pacific, 6:30 pm Mountain, 7:30 pm Central, 9:30 pm Atlantic).
    • Class 1: May 21
    • Class 2: May 28
    • Class 3: June 11
    • Question & Answer Call: June 18
    • Class 4: June 25
  4. You will receive a link to an audio recording of each of the classes and the Q&A call, so if you can’t make a class you can simply listen to the recording.
  5. There is a group component to this course. You will meet your classmates on the class calls, and there will be a private Facebook Group where you can connect, receive support, and savour the experience of your journey within community.
  6. You will identify your uniquely wise path for a life decision by the end of this course.


Your investment: $57.00


Here’s what people have said about past programs:

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You thought of everything, Andrea, the supplemental videos, articles, the ready-made meditation log. Your support for my journey is so tangible. Thank you for making meditation so manageable and accessible.

Jay Miller, President of Jay Miller Voice and Speech
Toronto, ON Canada

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I’m really appreciating the easy steps and gradual build of the program. I think in the past I felt like I had to do it all at once. The structure and consideration put into this program is really amazing Andrea, I really want to thank you!

Dr. Derek Cain, Owner of Integrate Chiropractic
Toronto, ON Canada

Do you have any questions?

You can ask me any question that’s on your mind about this course and I’ll support you in making a grounded decision about if it’s right for you.

click here to send an email now

I will be in touch ASAP.


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IgnatiusIgnatius of Loyola was an arrogant and confused young man in the 16th century. Through his arrogance he lead his troops into a battle of impossible odds where he was seriously wounded, his leg shattered by a cannonball.

During an extensive recovery time largely restricted to bed rest, he found himself thinking a lot. He started to notice the impact of different kinds of thoughts – some left him feeling empty and depressed, while others left him feeling satisfied and good about himself. This was the birth of the decision-making method that he developed and then taught to thousands of hungry listeners of his day.

For the past 8 months I have been studying and personally using the work of Ignatius of Loyola. I want to share what I’ve learned with people who need the simple wisdom of his method to create markedly better lives based on wholesome decisions. If you make better decisions about your relationships, livelihood, and pursuit of your dreams, then you can create a life that resonates with what you really want.[/features_box_paper_white]