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How are you fuelling your body?

Easy strategies to radically improve your health with Special Guest Dr. Evan Hill

Your body is the sacred temple from which you relate with this world. Your health is the foundation for everything else in your life. Your body allows you to feel, to move, and to express yourself. It is the barometer for creating healthy relationships. Deeper experiences of Love require strength, relaxation, and well-being. Join us for a powerful program with special guest Dr. Evan Hill to look at how improving nutrition can create miracles in your body.

Here’s what you will take away from this program:

  • Understand how your body works with the food you put in it
  • Understand the impact of daily toxins on your body
  • Learn 3 key strategies to get into control of your health

I give programs that change people’s lives, and I’d like you to be able to receive the full benefit. Before you listen to this teleseminar, create a quiet space to listen from, take some time to settle yourself, and engage a program that can open an important door for you.

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photo Dr. Evan Hill, DC, is passionate about improving health, one person at a time. He compassionately helps people see the impact of bad nutritional habits, and offers solutions based on state-of-the art science. Trained as a chiropractic doctor, he began his career eating a poor diet. Stressed and tired, he needed to nap daily. Luckily one of his patients got him on an Isagenix nutritional cleanse. He is now physically healthy and full of energy and drive. He duplicated his salary with a passive Isagenix income and retired to live his dream to be a stay-at-home dad with his three children. He now educates hundreds of people about the extraordinary benefits of nutrition. [/features_box_paper_white]
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Andrea Winn is a strong advocate for health.  She makes a stand for people to create extraordinary lives with nutrition and cleansing as a basis.  After ignoring signs from her body for many years, Andrea suffered a major health crisis which resulted in surgery and a long recovery period that set her back in many ways.  It was this experience that had her seriously re-look at her priorities.  Andrea started seeking how she could strongly support her health with a cleaner diet right at a time when her Chiropractor was offering an info session on nutrition and cleansing!  She got started immediately with these strategies and this has since helped her rebuild her body, improve her outlook on life and finally become empowered around health.  It is with this experience that she is determined to inspire others to help themselves before it is too late.  You can contact Andrea at[/features_box_paper_white]