Activate Your Spiritual Business

Activate Your Spiritual Business

3 essential keys to unlock your highest potential

Seeking an effective heart-based approach to business?

Join us for just 30-minutes a day
in our FREE 3-day masterclass

Activate Your
Spiritual Business:

3 essential keys
to unlock your highest potential

A FREE Live Masterclass!

30-minute sessions
September 18 - 20 @ 12 pm ET

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Are you experiencing confusion about why traditional business methods don't work in a spiritual business?

Traditional business methods are typically ungrounded
Traditional business methods are generally about formulas that were created by business people disconnected from their true selves
Traditional business methods are typically about manipulating prospective buyers

If you are here, its because you have a strong desire to run an authentic spiritual business through which you make an abundant income. 

You just need the “how.”

In just 3 brief sessions together,

Learn 3 essential keys for running a high-vibe successful spiritual business 
Develop clearer focus for moving forward
Daily Lyran Crystalline Soul Healing® to assist your activation


How much good can you bring to others when…

You’re over-working and can’t take time off?
You’re getting sick, burnt out, or are too exhausted to enjoy your business?
Your business is not flourishing?

It doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve developed an effective way to activate your spiritual business and begin leading a more flowing and abundant business.

In this masterclass, we are breaking down the 3 essential keys to unlock your highest potential in your business. Past masterclasses participants have had deep transformations.



High quality content delivered by Heroic Leadership Coach, Andrea Winn.

Daily healing energy bath given by Soul Healer, Eden Kervin. 
Eden will be creating a healing atmosphere each day of the program,
bringing calm, grounding and nurturing energy to all participants.

Andrea M. Winn, MEd, MCS
Heroic Leadership Coach & Dream Whisperer

Andrea began working for a large Toronto-based software development lab in 1998. Considered a star employee, the stress of unreasonable workloads so impacted her health and wellbeing that her doctor put her on stress leave. This began her powerful journey of healing, growing and discovering freedom through heroic leadership. 

The presence, wisdom and skill Andrea brings to her coaching come from a unique combination of over 40 years of training and experience, including a Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology (University of Toronto), a Masters of Computer Science (DalTech/Dalhousie University), a Certificate in Mediation (York University), three years of business training (Self-Employment Business Program, Your Planning Partners, the Abundance Project), Level 3 Soul Art Guide Certification, five years apprenticeship with a Mi’kmaq Shaman, and a lifetime of mindfulness meditation from growing up in a Tibetan Buddhist community.

Andrea is a catalyst for change, healing and authenticity. Her passion is empowering people to transition from feeling entrapped to living their full potential. Her work has been documented in  publications such as the front page of The New York Times and in Newsweek, The Guardian, and The Columbia Journalism Review. She has been interviewed on NPR, CBC Radio and CBC TV. 

Eden Kervin
Soul Healer

Eden has 12 years experience working in the corporate world. She began doing energy work in 2005 and this has helped her to manage her well-being and be an exceptional mother to her 9-year old son, even as she is an effective Project Manager for her employer.

Eden’s energy work is a blend of Reiki, Angel Healing & Alchemy (certification through Calista Ascension Angel Healing® - Calista Ascension) and Soul Healing which is a Pleiadian healing modality taught by Eva Marquez (Eva Marquez – Spiritual Consultant, Healer and Author). Soul Healing is a combination of intuitive consulting and energy healing to target trauma or wounds developed from current or past life trauma; it heals them so that an individual can clear karma and move on with their ascension (enlightenment). Eden also works closely with the violet flame.

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