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A step-by-step guided journey

To open the door to greater LOVE

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I will guide you step-by-step in how to create an authentic connection with Abundance by creating:

  1. Internal and external security
  2. A written Abundance plan that is both grounded and inspired

This training is suited for both beginners and also those who are more seasoned and who may have previously taken Abundance classes.

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Betty Lou felt overwhelmed and was lacking confidence in her ability to manage her finances. The Abundance Breakthrough Program empowered her to take control of her financial situation by giving importance to her dreams and connecting her with a powerful source within her to know her dreams are possible.

Betty Lou Reynolds, Toronto, Canada

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>Nieves was struggling to connect with what was behind the “wall” she experienced. She found guidance beyond what therapy could give her in a combination of coaching and the Abundance Breakthrough Program. She is now able to be more present and listen in relationships, and her son is much more willing to talk with her.

Nieves Sancho, Toronto, Canada

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So what IS

The Abundance Breakthrough Program?


Here is my proven method
broken down into 8 clear modules:

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1. Create Solid Ground for Launching Your Abundance Breakthrough

In this module you will:

  • Learn why combining Eastern with Western approaches to personal growth is so effective for creating abundance
  • Identify the key building blocks for a solid journey to building Abundance
  • Create the spiritual basis for change that is necessary for Abundance
  • Explore the important role of mentors for profound growth, and the nuts and bolts of creating a trusting relationship with a mentor for your journey of Abundance
  • Officially begin your journey by (1) setting your Abundance Breakthrough intention and (2) calling your spiritual helpers for the journey
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2. Create Safety in Your Working Relationship With Yourself

In this module you will:

  • Identify what you need to acknowledge right now so you can open up the space for curiosity about your blocks to Abundance
  • Explore the messages you were told as a child that taught you not to listen to yourself
  • Envision your life with a healthy connection with yourself through use of The Miracle Question™ exercise. Here’s the miracle you will experience: Everything that needs to be healed or developed is healed or developed. You are in loving connection with yourself, so you can easily hear and act upon what you need and want.
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3. Create Physical Safety

In this module you will:

  • Explore how you relate with food, clothing and shelter – both at the level of surviving and also for thriving
  • Rate your level of feeling physically safe, and explore how to increase that rating
  • My protector animal, Stag, will lead you on a spiritual journey to meet your own Abundance Protector Animal
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4. Create Emotional Safety in Your Relationship with Others

In this module you will:

  • Learn about mutually empowering relationships, relationships where we create a dynamic of reflecting each other so we each feel seen and lift each other up in our interactions
  • Learn how to take calculated risks
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5. Create Your Financial Safety

In this module you will:

  • Learn about a powerful budgeting software program
  • Do a Financial Acknowledgement Exercise to look at what you are doing to support a healthy relationship with your finances, such as budgeting and investing money for your old age
  • Hear about Abraham Hicks’ view on Money Flow vs Energy Flow
  • Do a Clarity Through Contrast exercise to identify Your Ideal Financial Situation
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6. Understand Your Personal Connection with Abundance

In this module you will:

  • Create your definition of Abundance
  • Envision what your life will look like with that Abundance
  • Identify your obstacles to that Abundance
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7. Create Your Abundance Breakthrough Strategic Plan

In this module you will:

  • Learn how to create intentions and goals from the level of your soul
  • Learn how to create SMART goals
  • Create a strategic plan document including:
    • Vision
    • Goals
    • 90-Day Focus
    • 30-Day Focus
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8. Create Your Abundance Support Strategy

In this module you will:

  • Identify the supports you need to accomplish your Abundance Breakthrough Strategic Plan
    • Assess your coaching needs
    • Set up an Accountability Partnership
    • Create a system for working with the plan for the rest of the year
Whether your interest is in deepening the love and intimacy in your life, creating a business or career rooted in Abundance or simply in using this information for your personal benefit, this guided process will open you up to a place of clarity, peace, awareness, spiritual growth and personal freedom.

You will tap into a profound place of clarity within yourself in this program, and from there I will guide you step by step in writing your personal Abundance Breakthrough Strategic Plan.

We all know things are more likely to happen if you write them down. Your Abundance Breakthrough Strategic Plan is the living document you will have to guide your activities towards Abundance. It gives you a map to follow to manifest your Abundance Breakthrough.

The details:

  1. Once you register, you will receive your Welcome and Orientation email
  2. You will receive one email a week, guiding you through the 8 modules of this journey
  3. You will see your desired results accumulating week by week!

Kelsey was unfocused and not following through on things in her life. After the Abundance Breakthrough Program she is clearer and more confident. Now she can  express what she feels and even handle uncomfortable conversations.

Kelsey MacDonnell, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China





Lisa had goals in her head but wasn’t doing the little steps towards meeting those goals. In the Abundance Breakthrough Program she has gotten out of her head, and is moving forward toward her dream of getting her Yoga Instructor Certification.

Lisa May Loveless, Guangzhou, Guangdong, China


PLUS…You get these five powerful BONUSES, included in this training, valued at an additional $355. I’m including Abundance essential oils, my personal meditation method, and four of my close colleagues are offering their valuable trainings to enhance your Abundance Breakthrough experience:

Bonus #1


Young Living Lavender and Abundance™ essential oils – A value of $72 US

Lavender OilThe transformative experience of the Abundance Breakthrough Program is enhanced by using these two oils. Young Living’s Lavender essential oil is often considered the most versatile and universal essential oil. It has many properties and uses and the ones I want to focus on for the Abundance Breakthrough Programme are its ability to help us to relax and also to develop mental clarity. Young Living’s Abundance™ is a blend of orange, frankincense, patchouli, clove, ginger, myrrh, cinnamon bark and spruce and has been designed to enhance magnetic energy and create a vibrational field of attraction around us to enhance our thoughts, Abundance Oiland to bring the frequency of prosperity and abundance. Using these two oils in combination with the Abundance Breakthrough Program provides a richer, more synchronistic transformative experience.

Arlene Anisman, an essential oils expert, suggested I offer this gift to my participants to enhance their experience. Arlene will generously provide guidance for using the oils in conjunction with the Abundance Breakthrough Program.

Bonus #2


Audio plus written guide – A value of $47

As you start on the path of TRUE ABUNDANCE, you need to prepare your mind to give and receive on larger and larger scales. This MEDITATION START UP KIT will get you started training your mind to be steady, flexible, and ready to receive MEGA ABUNDANCE!

In this MEDITATION START UP KIT you’re going to receive a specific approach to meditation that will both calm you and teach you how to harness the POWER of your mind. It brings together the wisdom of Eastern meditation with the compassion of Western Psychology in this unique approach developed by Andrea M. Winn, MEd.

  • A 12-minute daily audio guided meditation
  • A one-hour more extensive practice to use when you feel like it
  • Techniques to increase compassion for yourself
  • A tool to build your gratitude
  • A tool to build your sense of wholesomeness and worthiness
  • A tool to share your benefits with others

Bonus #3

Transform your fears: So you can be who you dream of being

Audio Training – A value of $47

Laura HollickTransforming your fears opens the pathway for freedom!

This audio will guide you through the process of transforming your fears so you can be who you dream of being.

To experience the greatest results from this process, you need to be willing to trust your spirit and make the commitment to your dreams.

This bonus was generously contributed by Laura Hollick, an award winning artist and shaman. She is the creator of Soul Art®, an innovative spiritual practice that uses art as a transformational tool. Laura was nominated for ‘Woman of Distinction in the Arts’ for her Soul Art® work.

Bonus #4

Overcoming Stage Fright

Audio plus Video Training – A value of $59.95

Jay MillerVocal Coach Jay Miller has generously offered the following audio training to enhance your ability to communicate your Abundance within, from a place of safety and internal wealth.

Overcoming stage fright may seem like an impossible challenge. Yet hundreds of Jay’s clients have been successful at eliminating performance anxiety.

If you struggle with nervousness in business presentations, or feel paralyzed by the fear of public speaking, this audio program is for you. Jay Miller teams up with six-time award-winning hypnotist, Dr. Mike Mandel, to deliver the most comprehensive program available for reducing or eliminating stage fright:

Module 1 – Introduction, overview and how to use the program.
Module 2 – Jay reveals five strategies and skills guaranteed to help you
Module 3 – Dr. Mandel introduces a breakthrough technique from the field of energy psychology that will instantly diminish performance anxiety.
Module 4 – Dr. Mandel guides you through a relaxing hypnosis experience enabling your unconscious mind to access and employ resources you already have within.

Practicing these proven techniques will deliver exciting results most people only dream about. You will have a new ability to express your ideas effectively and make a powerful impression on your listeners. So start now, and discover how it feels to speak with the confidence and presence of a pro.

Bonus #5

From Chaos To Flow

Audio with PowerPoint Training – A value of $129

Dr. Joe Piazza has generously offered the following audio and PowerPoint training to help you open the sense of flow in your life, an essential skill for living in Abundance.

  • Does your life ever feel like it is spiraling out of control?
  • Do you find it difficult to see the larger patterns in your life?
  • Do you find it challenging to listen to your inner guidance?
  • Are you trying to find the flow in your life? Your business? Your relationships?
  • What if there wasn’t really any chaos? What if the pattern was simply too large to see, hear, feel, or understand from your current perspective?
  • What if you could channel the chaos into an abundant flow? Then what would your life be like…?

This gift will help you begin to Transform YOUR life right away. Here’s what you will get from this presentation:

  1. Discover some of the games we play in our life that keep getting us the same results, over, and over, and over again.
  2. Transform old thought patterns that no longer serve the highest vision of your life.
  3. Awaken new creative resources and inspiration from within.
  4. Integrate these new resources and Create Life Anew!


To summarize, here’s exactly what you’ll get with the

Abundance Breakthrough Program…

OVER 13 hours of Abundance coaching, training, meditations and video via download:

  • A guided 3 month-journey through weekly emails
  • 4 Dream Whisperer Abundance Group Coaching Sessions, one per month January – April 2013
  • 8 MP3 Download Abundance Breakthrough Program audio trainings plus worksheets
  • Bonus 1: Abundance Essential Oils Starter Kit – 2 bottled oils plus instructions for using them specifically to enhance your experience of the Abundance Breakthrough Program
  • Bonus 2: Meditation Start Up Kit – 2 MP3 Download Guided Meditations plus a PDF Meditation Technique Guide
  • Bonus 3: Transform your fears: So you can be who you dream of being – MP3 Download
  • Bonus 4: Overcoming Stage Fright Audio plus Video Training
  • Bonus 5: From Chaos to Flow Audio with PowerPoint Training
  • An Online Community Forum to connect with others doing this program

So what is your investment for this powerful
Abundance Breakthrough experience?

If you’ve looked around you’ll know that the investment for most Abundance training programs is in the neighborhood of $1000. The Abundance Breakthrough Program gives you way more!

Here are five important enhancements beyond standard Abundance trainings:

  1. You get a deep experience of self-connection and spiritual grounding necessary for opening and maintaining your personal experience of Abundance!
  2. You receive essential oils and instructions for how to use them to open you energetically to the transformation
  3. You come out of this program with a written Abundance Breakthrough Strategic Plan, a map for you to follow for a full year!
  4. You receive 3 valuable bonus trainings, like Overcoming Stage Fright, to empower your ability to give and receive your gifts in the world

With these distinct leveraging enhancements, the Abundance Breakthrough experience is valued right in the neighborhood of $2000. Because I’m passionate about getting this important program out there to help you shift into living a more joyful and Abundant life, I’m offering the Abundance Breakthrough Program at $547, a savings of almost $1500!


Your Investment is:


Or 4 monthly payments of $147

Stop Allowing Fear & Anger To Block You From The Abundance You Deserve!

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Investment: $547.00


Sign Me Up

4 monthly payments of $147.00

Note: 5% of your purchase will be donated to Times Change Women’s Employment Service.

Added Bonus:

You will receive the class recordings in an MP3 format which you can download, burn to CD, or transfer to your iPod.


Betty Lou thought she couldn’t justify spending the money on the Abundance Breakthrough Program because she felt she had to save all her money to support her pregnant daughter and soon-to-be grandson.

But she changed her mind… and here is what she had to say right after the birth of her grandson:

Andrea, my heart is so full of Abundance right now that I can hardly think straight! It is all coming from the heart!!! Thank you soooo much for encouraging me to go on the ABUNDANCE JOURNEY WITH YOU AND THE GROUP.

From the moment I made that decision my thinking changed and I really opened up to the the joy of this experience instead of worrying about the “what ifs”.

I am so grateful for that and I felt this amazing strength and support on Saturday night and Sunday when I was coaching my daughter through labor and when her baby was born. I kept thinking of my guide dog Natasha and how she was leading us on this journey with speed and direction.

I cannot even begin to tell you what a difference that made for me as I slept in a chair beside my daughter on Saturday night. I knew in my heart that everything would go well and so it did!!! Thank you so much!

Betty Lou Reynolds, Toronto, Canada

Still Undecided?

You can ask me any question that’s on your mind or in your
heart about the Abundance Breakthrough Program and
I’ll support you in making a grounded decision if it’s right for you.

click here to send an email now

I will be in touch ASAP.


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Investment: $547.00


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Or 4 monthly payments of $147.00