meditationOur lives today are complicated as we take on more roles and added responsibilities as parents, caregivers, community members, business owners and as people who genuinely care about the people in our lives. We extend ourselves til we are spread thin, like a tightly stretched rubber band!

And have you noticed that in our increasingly complex world, relationships have been getting messier?

I’ve thought about this… when life spins out of control, it feels awful!

And in fact, it goes back even before that – if we allow our MINDS to spin out of control, then everything is going to look topsy turvy, and then we start making decisions from that place… and that’s how we create a life that is spinning out of control!

Well, the solution to this mind control problem isn’t new – we have all heard about meditation and how powerful a method it is to calm the mind. Think about it… with a calm mind you can create what you want in your life because you are calm, centered and focused!

And the benefit of a calm mind doesn’t stop there! We all know that life throws us curve balls – sometimes big ones. And it only make sense that a calm mind deals better than a scattered, scared mind with life’s disruptions. Meditating regularly is like building in a shock absorber to go over the bumps of life more easily – without the jarring shakeups. Wouldn’t that be a big help for being more stable?

And what about relationships? If you are dealing with relationships from a reactive place, you will likely snap at people, make snap decisions, and basically disrupt the loving environment that relationships need to grow. Meditation is a way of working with your mind, to calm it, and you will begin to feel a comfortable buffer zone around you when you are dealing with people in all situations. That comfort zone makes it easier to make proactive decisions and create the joyful and loving relationships that you want! Doesn’t this sound like a practical way to surround yourself with love?

And incidentally, meditation empowers you to have better boundaries and deal better with conflict. By getting synchronized within yourself, you are able to hear your warning bells early in the game and deal proactively when those warning bells go off –> Tell the person where you are drawing the line – and then honour that line yourself! Wouldn’t you love to have better boundaries so you can love more openly and fully?

Join me for a powerful program to jump start your ability to bring focus to your heart and your relationships. Special note: I teach a traditional Tibetan Buddhist form of mindfulness meditation in this seminar, and there will be a follow up program for those wishing to establish a regular daily meditation practice.

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Andrea M. Winn, MEd, dream whisperer, was brought up in a Tibetan Buddhist community and has been meditating for over 40 years. Andrea brings her foundation of discipline and her formal training as a psychotherapist to her whispering of people’s dreams. She offers the transformative and empowering gifts of her unique approach to people around the world through individual coaching, downloadable meditations and on-line community connection.

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