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Is your love life stuck?

Are you getting into relationship after relationship with the same type of woman?

Are you ready to end the frustration of disappointing dates and failed relationships?

Be empowered to find your True LOVE relationship through my 8-step Breakthrough Signature System, even if you’ve had painful relationships and dating experiences in the past. Find love confidently and effectively through these three personal coaching options:

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The True LOVE Breakthrough VIP Day

In this 1-day VIP program I lead you through my proven 8-step signature system for having an authentic LOVE breakthrough. In the first half of the VIP Day you will establish a comprehensive sense of safety for dating, including spiritual, physical, emotional, relational, and financial safety. This creates a solid foundation for your LOVE breakthrough. In the second half of the VIP Day I guide you through my process for writing your personal True LOVE Breakthrough Strategic Plan. This is a 1-on-1 Skype coaching experience where you get personal guidance for creating a plan with concrete action steps to find your True LOVE.

Your investment: The True LOVE Breakthrough VIP Day is $1497, or 2 monthly payments of $775. Begin your Dating Empowerment Journey today by emailing


The Find True Lesbian LOVE Personal Coaching Package

Experience 3 solid months of LOVE coaching with the Find True Lesbian LOVE Personal Coaching Package! This coaching package will enable you to launch into successful dating. We begin with a one hour goal setting session where I lead you through my signature goal-setting process for creating three specific heart-centred LOVE goals for the 3-month period. Then we meet by phone bi-weekly for 30 minute coaching sessions. Prior to each coaching call you send me a goal check in sheet. In the call I give you expert relational coaching and empower you to stay on target toward your 3-month LOVE goals. This coaching model is proven for empowered growth, change and exciting breakthroughs!

Your investment: The Find True Lesbian LOVE Personal Coaching Package is $1497, or 3 monthly payments of $527. Begin your Dating Empowerment Journey today by emailing


Attract True LOVE NOW VIP 1/2-Day

In this 3-hour VIP session I lead you through the process I used to find my True LOVE! Clearly identify the woman you desire, raise your energy to attract her, and release your blocks to receiving her into your life. This three-step process engages the Law of Attraction to work for you to bring you the woman you desire. This is a 1-on-1 Skype coaching experience where you get my personal guidance for engaging the Law of Attraction to attract your True LOVE. This method really works – and I can testify to it through the amazing woman I attracted with it last Fall!

Your investment: The Attract True LOVE NOW VIP 1/2-Day is $997, or 2 monthly payments of $477. Super Charge your Dating Empowerment Journey today by emailing!


Coaching testimonials

My 8-step Signature System is a quick and dynamic way to create the changes you want in your LOVE life. I bring a unique combination of therapeutic skill with strategic acumen to coach you exactly where you are at and empower you to move towards the change you want. I have successfully used this Signature System to help Executive Clients relate from their heart to build love-centred relationships that excelled their business. (See a testimonial from business partners, Murray Newman and J. Gavin Clark below.) Now I use the same Signature System in combination with my extensive understanding of Lesbian relationship dynamics to offer Lesbian LOVE breakthroughs.

Before getting coaching with Andrea I was having trouble with communication and being able to feel open. Life was not moving smoothly. I had trouble hearing and being heard by my business partner, Gavin. We couldn’t accept and hear each other as we were; for example, vacation planning was a constant source of conflict. I felt guilty about having and doing what I wanted in our work. Things were going too fast, and we needed support.

Since working with Andrea I am more accepting of who I am and more accepting of my business partner. My level of trust in Gavin has changed so much! I feel more love, which is very important to me. Also, I am working better with clients. For instance recently I was able to give logical and clear answers to a high-maintenance, low self-esteem yet loyal client. I was really proud of that! I feel better in general and on a practical level, our income has increased 25 – 30%. Andrea is grounded and spiritual, which is a combination that is so needed in the business and corporate world. – Murray J. Newman



Before getting coaching with Andrea we had a problem being able to feel we deserved our success. We weren’t able to acknowledge our success or believe the success would continue. Communication is key to our working well in our partnership. We were caught up in being too busy which led to our not communicating with each other and lacking awareness.

Since we started getting coaching with Andrea our income has increased 25 – 30%. I am happy and enjoying life. My relationship with Murray and my other relationships are healthy. It feels great to know I can support people. I realize I can be a leader, and I feel empowered in that. Andrea is warm, kind, strong, direct, honest, reliable, trust worthy and spiritual. – J. Gavin Clark

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