The Law of Action

Ascended Master El Morya

The Chohan of the Blue Ray and governor of Universal Laws

The Law of Action
from The Light Shall Set You Free

El Morya speaks of the importance of the Law of Action in the following message:

I greet you with the love of the Christos and the wisdom of the Buddha. I, El Morya, am pleased to bring to you the knowledge and understanding of how to apply the Universal Laws in the Third, Fourth, and Fifth Dimensions. Application of these laws is possible through the Law of Action.

In higher dimensions of time/space, such as the realms in the Fifth Dimension and higher, manifestation comes from thought and the expression of love emanating from within. In dimensions below the Fifth Dimension, such as the Third Dimension, in order for manifestation to occur, thoughts must be accompanied by action. That is because the Third Dimension is a three-dimensional existence and accompanies the physical world.

Things that reside in the Third Dimension on Earth are all solid, liquid, or gas, even though the foundation for all has its origin in the etheric. Density comprises existence on Earth. It is important to remember this concept when living in a third-dimensional reality. The reason this is so is because third-dimensional forms need a greater force to assist them to reposition the electron into other existences. It is because of density that the Law of Action must be applied for manifestation to be realized more easily on the Earth plane.

An understanding of the Law of Vibration and the principles that underlie this law provide the way for humans to raise themselves out of a third-dimensional reality into higher ones. Thoughts and changed consciousness are the keys to a successful transformation. As consciousness is raised, an individual slowly begins to change his or her vibrational rate, transforming from the Third Dimension and moving eventually into the Fifth.

As one's vibrational rate increases, the auric fields begin to align with the white Light. The greater the Light held within consciousness, the greater the power the person has to manifest things solely with the power of mind, accompanied by love. Before the vibrational frequency is raised to a high enough level, however, one must apply the Law of Action in order to manifest all that one wishes to create.

The reality today is that many souls remember the time when they could just "think things into action." They remember when life was not difficult and when their days were filled with pleasure, discipline, and dedication—to self and group advancement. The world is different now, and many get confused because they are not living the lives of harmony, peace, contentment, and abundance that they know are possible. They have not realized this higher existence yet because their thoughts are not strong enough and the Light within them is not great enough to sustain a higher existence. Many wonder why there is still perceived pain and suffering in their environments.

If I may be so bold, I will diagnose this situation. The reason individuals are not manifesting what they want, to the degree that they wish, is because they are not applying the Law of Action fully. Their souls remember an existence in Atlantis and other such realities when they did not need this law, but their minds have forgotten that they are now ingrained in a third-dimensional reality. If they apply more action to their dreams and focus their wills and emotions, all that they desire can come true.

Earth is now in the transition from the Third to the Fifth Dimension. Individuals presently residing on Earth carry vibrations ranging throughout all these dimensions—and even higher and lower ones. Those who have changed their consciousness successfully to match that of the higher dimensions display few to no problems in manifesting all that their hearts desire. Those whose vibrations match that of the Third Dimension (or lower) must understand that it takes action to move the electron to create what is in their dreams.

Before Earth is positioned firmly in the Fifth Dimension, many more years must pass. It will, therefore, take individuals an equal amount of time to change their vibrational frequencies because Earth and humanity are One. Because this is so, we advise that the Law of Action be taken seriously. By applying this law, more individuals will become co-creators with God and can bring Heaven to Earth. That is humanity's purpose for being.

The Law of Action means that an individual must engage in activities that support thoughts, dreams, emotions, and words. A commitment must be made first, however, for this step supports the basic principle of the Law of Action. The commitment then is turned into a plan, and the plan then is supported by passion. Lastly, tasks need to be completed, because the action on the physical plane forms the bonds that connect all aspects of the energies work-
ing toward manifestation.

Simply put: thoughts, emotions, words, and actions are the keys to God-realization. But God realization also means:


Raising the Light within, living a life connected to the Higher Self, putting into action that which you want from within, and applying discipline and willpower are the factors that set up the God Force to work through you. Become One with this Force and the will of God will become One with you.

Adonai, Dear Commanders of the Force. I AM El Morya.

Quoted from Milanovich, Norma, and Shirley McCune. The Light Shall Set You Free. Athena, 1997 (p. 173-176).

NOTE: The importance of reading the message goes beyond the meaning of the words themselves. The message is coded with a vibrational frequency that has been given it by El Morya. The reader receives this coding while reading the message, even though the mind may not retain or fully comprehend the meaning of the words. This creates a resonance field that provides the reader access to the words and wisdom not only of the ascended master who delivered the message, but also of some of the greatest Celestial Beings who govern the universe. (p. 132)

I can help you invoke the Law of Action by
creating a crystal clear vision with concrete goals

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