Homage to the Sun’s Warmth


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Homage to the Sun’s Warmth


Oh ye Sun

Hail the power of your gentle glow

That even this lake could thaw!

A lifetime of winter

Face cracked from lack of tears

Frozen deeper and deeper

With every turning of winter

Who could believe in Spring 

after so many winters?


Heaven’s angels dance

in the halo of your glow.

Each delicate ray of your warmth

gently touching the surface of ice so deep

touch… touch… touch…


Til something 

deep beneath the ice



longed for warming

longed for coming to life

so simple


life taken one breath at a time

life where water can rest still…

or dance with fish, as it pleases


This touch so tender

that warms the surface

and reaches life beneath the surface

through God’s gracious mercy


The waters turn

And allow that grace to warm

first the top

then the bottom

then the top again


and beginning the movement

of life


The rhythm births the lake

coming into it’s own warmth

At last letting the last piece of ice



Now resting this cool lake

So pure

With water to refresh the weary traveller

and that birds may stop to bathe

and all wild things may drink


How miraculous this Spring!

Lake bows to the mercy of the Great Sun

so powerful in it’s gentle warmth


May we lift up our hands with joy 

to the gentleness

that warms and invokes life!

May we do her honour

By loving…


An ever flowing fount of love 

for all.


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