Activate Your Spiritual Business: 3 essential keys to unlock your highest potential – Sep 18, 2023

This is an exciting FREE Masterclass for those seeking an effective heart-based approach to business!

  Ground in your authenticity

  Connect with the courage to overcome ANY challenge

Master the lifeblood of successful business (relationships)


We will empower you in these 3 key essential skills through this powerful masterclass.


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Spring Energy Tune Up – May 2, 2023 (The replay of this inspiring event is still available by registering)

A 45-minute Live Zoom Empowerment Session to bring the blossoming of Spring into every cell of your being!

Kanthi Tantirige began Andrea Winn’s Legacy Play Adventure Coaching Program in October 2022. She discerned her legacy is to bring embodied safety to people who have suffered from trauma, grief and loss. She has designed a soul-aligned coaching service rooted in her legacy. Come out and support Kanthi as she launches her wellness service in this event!

Benefit from Kanthi’s profound gifts as she leads us in a live embodiment and centering process.

For those with hidden gifts and talents, Andrea will share about the Legacy Play Adventure , a powerful coaching program that guides you to start your own soul-aligned business from the ground up in just five months.

We are greatly blessed to have Eden Kervin, Energy Healer, with us for this event! Eden will be creating a healing atmosphere for this program, bringing calm, grounding and nurturing energy to all participants.

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