Dorothy could no longer feel her heart

Dorothy could no longer feel her heart. She couldn’t remember who she was – she couldn’t even remember what it felt like to know what she wanted. She found it hard to make even the simplest of decisions. It felt like her world had suddenly crashed in on her, and she didn’t know what to do. She knew she was a mess! And she wondered if Alexandra was going to get fed up with her and leave.

Alexandra cared about Dorothy, but she was finding it harder and harder to be there for Dorothy. Like last night Alexandra had suggested they put some date nights into their calendar and Dorothy let her know that she was busy over the next 3 weeks between time with Victoria and other family members.

Alexandra was stunned! She knew Dorothy was going to New York with Victoria on a trip they had planned months ago, and for Dorothy this was a final farewell to the life they had shared in marriage. This trip alone was driving Alexandra insane. She just wished Dorothy would be through with her grieving and letting go, and finally be available for a relationship with her!

Now Dorothy let her know that her sister was coming to visit for a couple of weeks after that, and she probably wouldn’t have any time to see Alexandra during that visit. Her sister didn’t know she was lesbian, and it would be too much to introduce Alexandra to her sister.

Dorothy obviously had a mind of her own and was making all kinds of plans. Alexandra felt like her only option was to distance herself from Dorothy and hope that she would settle a bit and start to be interested in building a life with her later, after she did what she needed to do with family. Truly, it was disheartening!

But Alexandra felt strongly that she wanted to keep in the game, hopeful that some day Dorothy would be more herself and be able to enter back into love relationship with Alexandra.

In the mean time, it was like a cruel joke of cupid to lose her beloved to the swamp of confusion that Dorothy was now in. Alexandra knows people are reading this story, and she asks you to please pray for this struggling couple.



  • Terri

    Dorothy was in a long term lesbian relationship, yet her sister doesn’t know she’s a lesbian….huh?
    Dorothy betrayed her partner by having an affair with Alexandra…that speaks volumes about Dorothy.
    Dorothy is going away with her x (who she cheated on with Alexandra) because they had planned it…are you kidding me… Alexandra, don’t look back, consider yourself lucky. Dorothy is selfish, it’s evident “it’s all a about me”. She’s not considering you, your needs or feelings for a second.. No more than she considered her long term!

    August 18, 2013
  • Rhonda

    It is time for the women to take a break from one another. AND it’s time for Alexandra to go on with her life and assume that Dorothy will not be part of her future. Dorothy can not/will not commit to Alexandra now. It’s time for Alexandra to commit to her own future – to focus on moving forward and healing her own heart – so that she can be open and available for love with someone who is in the space to be eager to love, respect and commit to her.

    August 18, 2013
  • Donna

    Terri is right on about all 3 of these messed up women, especially Dorothy. If I were Victoria, I’d have left her years ago for not being open with her fam about being in a lesbian marriage. Then for Dorothy to cheat on her, I’d be FURIOUS if she’d done that to me. Talk about discounting and trivializing of the relationship and Victoria! I think a good part of D’s drama is very self serving.
    Alexandra should be reading the writing on the wall right now and cut Dorothy loose…clearly if their relationship began while D was in a ‘committed’ relationship, she could do it again with A. Even if D’s sister is clueless, it is ridiculous to think she won’t wonder why D has moved out of her house. It is a perfect time for D to come out to her sister and share some of the drama with her, if not out of respect for herself, then to help her sister better understand why D is a little rough around the edges at this time, when if she has a sentient brain, sis will be able to see that something is very terribly askew during this visit..

    Personally I think both A and V should give D all the space she needs to work through this, and then some. V needs to grow a ‘set’ and realize that she never had D’s full respect and heart for all 13 years, if she wasn’t even out to her sister, and make a clean break with Dorothy–no trip–D forfeits her money and reimburses Victoria for screwing things up!

    August 19, 2013


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