Creating a moment of peace for the weary heart

By Andrea M. Winn, MEd

Do you feel weary? Perhaps weary to the bone even? It is natural to feel that way as we approach the end of the year. And especially this year – 2012. Many predicted this would be a year of profound transformation, and 2012 has not left us disappointed!

But perhaps at times confused and weary.

That is why it is important now to allow ourselves the time to breathe and be present with all that we accomplished in this big, big year.

Having put so much energy into our dreams and mega-transforming, it is time to complete our efforts and let go with joy. Begin to allow space for the gems of your efforts to descend into your waiting heart.

This time of harvest is crucial to our morale and sense of well-being!

All growth and change requires times of activity and times of stillness, two energies that feed each other in the dynamic of healthy evolution. Think about the importance of allowing a field to lay fallow from time to time, for the earth to rest, to heal, to restore. Then the next year it will produce more beautiful and nourishing crops!

It is the same with us – after abundant activity, we need time to simply be.

Our society does not teach us how to let go and “lay fallow”. Our society is about do, do, do – at times it seems compulsive! We can see when all the “doing” strays into being a dysfunctional trap that hinders our evolution and growth.

Here’s the good news: It is never to late to learn (or re-learn) how to let go and be.

The December dream whisperer teleseminar, Complete 2012 With Grace and Dignity, will be your ticket to transition into harvest. I will lead you in an experience of being, and together we will harvest the wonderful gems of our year’s activities.

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And may your heart become aware of the wide open space for this transition.



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