Dream Whisperer Transformative Life Coaching

For over 10 years I have been working full-time to develop a gift to help people accomplish their life dreams. I call this gift, Dream Whispering. Dream Whispering is about creating stable inspired space for transformation – a breeding ground for your insight and growth. My expertise is being able to hold a compassionate, clear, and organized space for you to grow.

horse_whispererWhen someone has a horse that is troubled, and they can’t find any other way to fix the horse, they seek out a horse whisperer. Horse whisperers are exceptionally skilled and typically have a gift for emotionally connecting with a horse. They work intuitively, and can reach the horse at an instinctive level to lead the horse back to healthy, vibrant living.

There are certain places within all of us that are untamed, wild, and maybe even hurt. When we are living life with these unexplored territories, we are losing part of the spectrum of our full being. It is challenging, if not impossible, to make our heart’s dreams come true.

In Dream Whisperer Transformative Life Coaching I use my clinical therapy training in combination with dynamic coaching methods to expertly guide clients through emotional impasses, integrating the learning as part of achieving their goal. My clients achieve their goals holistically in a remarkably short period of time.

I am passionately committed to my clients’ success! See Coaching Testimonials.

There are two phases to the work: Clear visioning and then moving into action

PeacefulPhase 1 – Vision: First step away from the demands of your life, and enter a peaceful place where you can connect with yourself and think clearly. I am skilled at guiding a process where you can relax, sink deeply into who you are and what matters to you, and create a powerful heart-centered Life Vision.

Phase 2 – Action: I bring my gifts as a Dream Whisperer into service of your Life Vision. You receive 45-minute weekly coaching calls for 3 months. Coaching helps you keep connected with your heart, in integrity with your values, and moving forward. I support you making small changes week by week, working with the situations and people in your life from a clear place of personal empowerment.

This is trustworthy. You are supported to create change from integrity, peace and love.

Some people tell me they are uncomfortable with structure and discipline. I have a healthy relationship with discipline from my Buddhist upbringing. The key is the middle way: Not too hard, not too soft. Sometimes gentleness is needed for further growth. Sometimes courage and risk taking is needed for further growth. We set the pacing to what works for you.

Coaching vs Therapy

Some people ask, what is the difference between coaching and therapy? Therapy comes from a medical model and treats mental and emotional dysfunction. Life Coaching is a more recent field which focuses on increasing capacity and reaching goals. I work as a Transformative Life Coach, actively empowering my clients to move forward. Some of my clients work with a therapist at the same time as they are getting coaching, and they benefit from the gifts of both approaches.


  • Focus is retrospective on unconscious issues, repair of damage from earlier experience, interpersonal health, and identifiable issues (acute depression or relational discord that interferes with client’s functioning)
  • Involves the expression of feelings and emotional processing
  • An undefined, wandering process of uncovering and discovery
  • May include medication and other therapies


  • Focus is prospective and is more structured, task focused, active, goal directed, action based, and outwardly defined
  • Involves concrete plans designed to move clients toward their defined goals
  • Can be tied to business and work objectives
  • A coach is not seen as the healer and is less of a caretaker role; expects more from a client; perceives the client as an expert in their own right; coaching implies more collaboration in the relationship

The coaching process helps clients define their vision and achieve their goals faster and with more ease than would be possible through traditional psychotherapy.


Would you like to find out more?

Having a conversation is a powerful way to learn what Transformative Life Coaching would look like for you.

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