Poem for Mother



Giver of life

Breathing softness


That small life

May grow



Fierce bear!

Deepest compassion

that no hand may harm

the young one


Delighting her with play

that she may want to explore



of feelings

rhythms within

of relations

rhythms between


She gives the greatest kindness…

the Love

that brings forth

a new person


Blessed be

the mothers

and the mothering

giving us life!


Homage to the Sun’s Warmth


Red-Sky-Sun-Sea from www.rebellesociety.com


Homage to the Sun’s Warmth


Oh ye Sun

Hail the power of your gentle glow

That even this lake could thaw!

A lifetime of winter

Face cracked from lack of tears

Frozen deeper and deeper

With every turning of winter

Who could believe in Spring 

after so many winters?


Heaven’s angels dance

in the halo of your glow.

Each delicate ray of your warmth

gently touching the surface of ice so deep

touch… touch… touch…


Til something 

deep beneath the ice



longed for warming

longed for coming to life

so simple


life taken one breath at a time

life where water can rest still…

or dance with fish, as it pleases


This touch so tender

that warms the surface

and reaches life beneath the surface

through God’s gracious mercy


The waters turn

And allow that grace to warm

first the top

then the bottom

then the top again


and beginning the movement

of life


The rhythm births the lake

coming into it’s own warmth

At last letting the last piece of ice



Now resting this cool lake

So pure

With water to refresh the weary traveller

and that birds may stop to bathe

and all wild things may drink


How miraculous this Spring!

Lake bows to the mercy of the Great Sun

so powerful in it’s gentle warmth


May we lift up our hands with joy 

to the gentleness

that warms and invokes life!

May we do her honour

By loving…


An ever flowing fount of love 

for all.


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The Great Thawing


Photo by Janice L Barr. Used with permission.


The Great Thawing


How can I touch your tender face

When my heart has been frozen

for as long as I remember?


Buying the groceries.

Doing the laundry.



Cleaning the dishes.

And that is calm and sane

compared to the pace of paid work.


I *had* to toughen to keep the wheels turning –

To keep up with the pace of keeping up.

This is surely madness!


How could I forget your tenderness

Your simple needs for my human touch

To be bathed

To be fed simply

To be held, to be gently rocked

To be touched tenderly?


It is time to plant firmly the banner of humanity.

The banner of care.

The banner of simple love,

rather than getting the impossible workload done!


I live in a body

It is flesh and blood and bone – all living.

My heart beats with mourning the years lost…

being absent from this body.

And my heart lifts up

with the choice to re-inhabit

to feel

to breathe

to come back home.


Because this world needs

soft embodied people

who can love through to the core of this earth.

Who feel their hearts beating

and speak the language of love.


Who are able to reach out

and touch the face

so tender.


To kiss the beloved

with the soft lips of a broken heart.


And to fill this world

with a love everlasting.


Remember the Mystery


Photo from http://hdw.eweb4.com/out/1099947.html


Remember the Mystery


Lost in the surface of life

Living veneer existence

No life

No heart

Practical efficiency

Checking off To Do lists

The inner child knows different

She knows the greatness of life

To explore

To look closely, and see the delicate pattern of the moss

To jump from the big rock

To the little one, and then another little one

All the way up to the tree

Oooh, that tree!

Reaching her little arms out

She hugs that tree.

It says, “Grace, child!”

She holds on to the little handles

the tree gives

and she is able to climb around to the back of the tree

Where she discovers a patch of tiny mushrooms

And the mushrooms say, “Bless thee, Child, for discovering us.

Pick us with your small hands and take us home to your mother.

We will bless your food, and bring life back to your family.”


The child carefully gathers the mushrooms.

She carefully put them in her pocket.

And she happily continues to climb around the tree.

She kisses the tree and says thank you, 

and follows the path back home.


Mommy, look what I found!

Mushrooms from the forest!

We can have them with our food!


Well, we’ll have to check and see

if these mushrooms are safe to eat. 

Sure enough, this was a very good kind of mushroom.


There were enough mushrooms for everyone

And they tasted delicious.

The family opened 

and talked about what was in their hearts.

They laughed.

And the candle glowed at the center of the family table.


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Hello, Sunrise!


Sunrise light paints the Cuernos del Paine massif in amazing red light Patagonia Chile Photo by Hougaard Malan


Hello, Sunrise!


Most tender peace

at the foot of the mountain

caressed by morning glow


The clouds accompany thee

As you rise up 

to meet the sunshine


Could we stand

so bold as thee

to feel the warmth

soaking into our face

as we look into

the rising sun


Could we live

our greatest majesty

as you do

this most beautiful morn


With love and grace,

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