BPS Phase 3 report coming next Thursday

After the last memo Buddhist Project Sunshine released on the alleged sexual assault in Chile, more women came forward with a deeper level of detail that I feel is important for the community to be aware of. BPS will publish our Phase 3 report next Thursday, August 23.

If you have not seen the latest article by Matthew Remski, Shambhala Investigator Tells Sakyong Accusers Not to Talk to Anyone, it is worth reading.

Thank you to the community for your bravery and on-going good heart as we walk the necessary steps to regain integrity for our spiritual path. I look forward to connecting next Thursday.

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  1. Ariel Wyckoff says:

    This is an excellent project. I am a man and not deeply involved with the community, and yet a follower of the Buddhist Vajrayana path. I strongly believe in the importance of Project Sunshine and encourage anyone and everyone who has been hurt or otherwise affected to step forward and share your stories, and take action against the transgressors. This horrible phenomenon is completely contradictory to the basic tenets of Buddhism, and the basic principles of humanity.

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