Your body is the sacred temple from which you relate with this world. Your health is the foundation for everything else in your life. Your body allows you to feel, to move, and to express yourself. It is the barometer for creating healthy relationships. Deeper experiences of Love require physical strength, relaxation, and well-being.

Taking care of your body opens you to experience more Love

The body is a gift. When healthy, your body can give you information for living your life – it can become a delicate instrument to guide you with signals of what is okay and what is not okay, what you like and what you don’t like. These signals are essential for making good decisions and creating the life and relationships you want.

Many people have had painful things happen in relationships in the past and it has scarred them. When we go through painful relationship hurts, they can calcify in our hearts and minds, and we can bring this rigidity into our self-care – specifically how we feed ourselves.

Have you ever used food as a comfort when you are in emotional pain? Most, if not all people have done this. I know I have!

As much as it is a comfort in the moment, deep down we know we are abusing our bodies when we eat bad food. We are hurting ourselves every time we turn a blind eye – we are burying ourselves under a burden every time we put bad food into our bodies.

This burden can manifest as our body feeling tired, heavy, lethargic, and in pain. It can manifest in being over weight, poor sleep at night or having difficulty getting to sleep in the first place. It can cause us to feel off balance, lack mental clarity and focus. Basically, the more burden we are carrying, the harder it is to operate in the world.

Nutritional cleansing is very loving thing to do for yourself. It is a gentle and beautiful way to get into some better eating habits and to cleanse the past toxins out of your body. It releases the burden on your body. That opens your body’s inherent ability to heal itself and to be alive in vibrant health!

I eat high nutrition food, do periodic cleansing and work our regularly at the gym. This is absolutely one of the most empowering gifts I have ever given myself. I enjoy the new joy and vibrancy I am experiencing through taking high quality care of my body!


Create the Health Transformation You Have Always Wanted!

• Lose weight in a healthy and gentle way
• Age more youthfully
• Increase your energy
• Increase lean muscle mass
• Increase mental clarity and ability to focus
• Improve balance
• Reduce joint pain

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Andrea Winn is a strong advocate for health.  She makes a stand for people to create extraordinary lives with nutrition and cleansing as a basis.  After ignoring signs from her body for many years, Andrea suffered a major health crisis which resulted in surgery and a long recovery period that set her back in many ways.  It was this experience that had her seriously re-look at her priorities.  Andrea started seeking how she could strongly support her health with a cleaner diet right at a time when her Chiropractor was offering an info session on nutrition and cleansing!  She got started immediately with these strategies and this has since helped her rebuild her body, improve her outlook on life and finally become empowered around health.  It is with this experience that she is determined to inspire others to help themselves before it is too late.  You can contact Andrea at
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