April 28 Campaign Update

We are heading into the last 3 days of the campaign, as it closes on Monday. This is a time to bring focus and clarity to achieving the success needed at this time for this work to move forward.

Thank you to everyone who has donated in the past few days, and a special thanks to Lorre Fleming for leaving the message yesterday, “Thank you for taking on this important work.”

It’s clear we are not going to meet the fundraising goal, so I’d like to share the guidance I am receiving from the elders, the Circle of Wisdom, that is forming around me for leading Project Sunshine.

They are concerned about how I have been hyper extending myself through this much volunteer work in service of Project Sunshine, and they want to see me receive basic support for housing and food.

One elder in the circle said, “We are setting the ground work for this [Project Sunshine] and doing it in a conservative way. This serves the healing more than continuing the healing in an unsustainable way – it serves the mission more.”

In our exploration of how best to use the funds raised, we are settling on a blended approach of using the money over the next three months in the following three areas:

1. Operating expenses for Project Sunshine

2. A stipend for myself to continue leading/coordinating the project

3. Doing one piece of the original plan for Phase 2: I will write a guide for social media conversation moderators, find qualified volunteer moderators, train the moderators, and set up a moderated Project Sunshine social media conversation space so people interested in healing sexual violence in buddhist communities can connect and engage this healing work.

I hope all of the contributors to Project Sunshine will feel good about this use of funds. I welcome hearing from you about this!

We are hoping to raise $3,000 more by the end of the project to ensure Project Sunshine can move forward in a sustainable way for the next 3 months.

Please talk with your dharma sisters and brothers and share widely on social media so we can raise these final funds.

With heart thanks,

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  • Hi Andrea,
    I wanted to write to thank you for your bravery and generosity in bringing sexual abuse and abuses of power in Shambhala to light. I was a member of the Shambhala community for 16 years, a meditation instructor and teacher before choosing to leave three years ago. I left because in my local community (Portland OR) I saw a pattern where protecting and serving the tribal ego and power structure seemed to take precedence again and again over the well-being of spiritual practitioners. I stopped trusting that Shambhala was here to serve humanity, rather than itself. Your work has helped restore some of my faith in Buddhist spiritual community.

    I work as a psychotherapist in private practice and have worked with sexual abuse survivors individually and in groups for the last ten years. I’m a man so I have worked more often with male survivors. Just wanted to write to let you know I support you, am grateful for your work, and if I can ever be of help to Buddhist Project Sunshine it would be a priviledge. Warmly,,
    Lee Scher, LPC

    August 20, 2018


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