I work with clients in my home healing studio, which was designed according to the principles of Neo-Feng Shui. I do a lot of spiritual practice in my home, and I care for the space energetically.

My on-line products are recorded in this sacred space, and I consciously intend for the recordings to carry the energy of this oasis of peace.

I am assisted by a powerfully spirited cat, Ashe Khandro, which  loosely translates to, “Messenger of Primordial Confidence.” Ashe is a tortie-seal Siamese, and she tends to command an air of dignity. She brings wonderful contributions to the work, whether it is through coming over to brush the leg of a client at a timely moment in a session or simply sleeping in a perfect expression of cat-relaxation.

So that is how I came to doing the work that I do! It has been a wonderful and heart-full journey of exploration. I got a lot of help along the way from skilled healers. Now I welcome assisting you in discovering your personal adventure of living the light within in you and bringing it to this world that so deeply needs it.

You can begin this journey today by receiving my free Stress Relief Meditation.

I welcome your comments below.

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