I also reeeeally appreciate playfulness! Relaxing, letting my hair down, and allowing some sillies to bubble up. Don’t you love that?

We all have to find places where we feel safe enough and wholesome enough to let down our serious face and try something different, play around a bit, maybe even get messy. It’s a lot of fun!

Actually, the work I do with clients is usually in a BIG space of permission – we walk together into another world that feels light, like a fantasy. It’s a place where the silly little parts of us can talk to each other and explore the true wisdom that can come up in that space of freedom.

It is a lot easier to face our life problems in a space like that! And it’s pretty amazing what our inner wisdom can say to help us to quickly create positive change in our lives in the “real” world. (page 6 of 7)  Read more


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