I am a huge advocate for self-love! In 2004 I had a formal Self-Engagement Ceremony, where I pledged all parts of myself would work together for the good of the whole me.

It was beautiful! I said a vow, wrote a poem for the occasion, raised toasts with champagne, ate decadent food, and gave myself self-love gifts! I celebrate the anniversary of my Self-Engagement every year, often going out for a special dinner with myself at the Keg Mansion here in Toronto. I went on to have a beautiful self-marriage in August of 2011.

Yes, we all need to find silly and endearing ways to proclaim our appreciation for ourselves. There is something inside of us that needs to hear it! And perhaps more importantly, needs to feel it. And the only way to do that is to invest time, energy and money in listening to ourselves and acting on what our inner world needs.

It’s great! All we have to do is listen. The alive world within you will speak and offer wonderful ideas for how you can grow a relationship of joy and growth with yourself.  (page 5 of 7)   Read more


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