As part of my healing journey I had five wonderful years studying with a Mic Mac shaman, Hélène Dionne. She taught me practical skills for being in the world, like self respect, boundaries, and even proper financial budgeting.

Hélène also taught me about the world of spirit. She taught me how to listen for the underlying energy when speaking with people, for instance when I assisted her at a French women’s program (and I don’t speak French!). She taught me about the spirit of plants and how to harvest them and prepare infusions, tinctures, and medicinal vinegars. I met spiritual guides, like Jesus and four spirit grandmothers, through guided journeying with Hélène.

They say a shaman lives with one foot in this world and one foot in the world of spirit, bringing the gifts of the spirit to people on our earthly plane. Hélène was very caring and generous in teaching me over the five years I worked with her, and now I bring the lessons I learned with her to my clients. This training is a large part of what has led me to becoming a dream whisperer.  (page 4 of 7)    Read more


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