There is nothing more precious than this space of home

By Andrea M. Winn, MEd

Soft winter breeze
brings me present
to the beauty
amidst the bustle.

Why is it so easy to get lost?
Or better,
How can I open to more of these moments?

What causes moments of presence?
Of remembering to be


I sit in meditation
To come home to my heart
To ease the inner hub bub.
There is nothing more precious
than this space of home.

When I am present with my heart
I feel more joy
I can feel the pain of others –
            And act from compassion
I can be more welcoming
And I can be more fun!

There is nothing more precious
than this space of home.

May you receive this gift
of delight:

            To be home within your heart
            this holiday season!


December 17, 2012
Andrea M. Winn

Lift up your heart!

By Andrea M. Winn, MEd

December is an incredibly busy time – when we are putting on that last crunch to finish the year, plus on top of that getting ready for the holiday season.

What is the antidote to this madness?

At times the antidote is … to lift up your heart!

Physically opening up your chest and pressing your heart up and out, and experience yourself leaning into the joy of all this activity. There is much to be thank-full for, and we can take a moment to pause each and every day to reflect on this. This moment inspires us to naturally lift up our heart and welcome the joy life is offering us at this special time of year.

I warmly invite you to come out for the December dream whisperer teleseminar to take an hour to relax in a lake of gentle being-ness. I will lead you in an experience of simply being present. Then I will guide you in a process to harvest the wonderful and important gems of your year’s activities.

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