How to make a wise decision:

Accessing the 16th century wisdom of Ignatius of Loyola

To make powerful authentic decisions in today’s complex world


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Ignatius of Loyola was an arrogant and confused young man in the 16th century. Through his arrogance  he lead his troops into a battle of impossible odds where he was seriously wounded, his leg shattered by a cannonball.

During an extensive recovery time largely restricted to bed rest, he found himself thinking a lot. He started to notice the impact of different kinds of thoughts – some left him feeling empty and depressed, while others left him feeling satisfied and good about himself. This was the birth of the decision-making method that he developed and then taught to thousands of hungry listeners of his day.

For the past 8 months I have been studying and personally using the work of Ignatius of Loyola. I want to share what I’ve learned with people who need the simple wisdom of his method to create markedly better lives based on wholesome decisions. If you make better decisions about your relationships, livelihood, and pursuit of your dreams, then you can create a life that resonates with what you really want.

I will be offering this free training on the key aspect of Ignatius’ method:

How to tell the difference between

the authentic spirit and the spirit that threatens your authenticity

when making an important life decision. 

In this program I describe an on-line course for those who would like to learn Ignatius’ complete method and be guided through a gentle process to use it to make a life decision.

Being able to make wise decisions is such and important skill for creating a good life for ourselves in today’s society! I hope you will benefit greatly from this important program.

I give programs that change people’s lives, and I’d like you to be able to receive the full benefit. Before you listen to this teleseminar, create a quiet space to listen from, take some time to settle yourself, and engage a program that can open an important door for you.

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Andrea M. Winn, MEd, dream whisperer, was brought up in a Tibetan Buddhist community and has been meditating for 39 years. More recently she has been studying Theology and Ignation Spirituality at Regis College, University of Toronto. Andrea brings her foundation of discipline and her formal training as a psychotherapist to her whispering of people’s dreams. She offers the transformative and empowering gifts of her unique approach to people around the world through individual coaching, downloadable meditations and on-line community connection. You can contact Andrea at[/features_box_paper_white]