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The Buddhist Project Sunshine

Moderated Social Media Discussion Group

Buddhist Project Sunshine (BPS) is a grass-roots Buddhist community healing initiative driven by a single goal: to renew the integrity of Buddhism in the contemporary world. This project arose from inspiration from Yeshe Tsogyal, a great female Buddhist teacher in 8th C. Tibet. Our work is informed by both traditional Buddhist dharma and Western psychological understandings of trauma and trauma healing. We strive to foster emotionally safe, respectful and honouring environments where people can practice dharma wholeheartedly and build fulfilling lives rooted in compassionate ethics.

We are pleased to offer a discussion space to explore an inspiring and honouring new approach to sangha that dismantles past abusive practices and behaviours. Buddhist Project Sunshine offered a Social Media Discussion Group from June through July 2018. It was so successful that after a short break, we are now re-opening the group.


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Who is this group for? 

This group is currently serving people affected by what has happened in the Shambhala community. This includes both members of Shambhala and those who have chosen to leave. It also includes some allies who have had similar experiences in their own Buddhist sanghas or other religions, such as Catholicism. Our goal is to support a healthy process for group members to process their experience and pursue their spirituality with joy and integrity.

This discussion space is for people who value emotionally safe space to process, heal, grow and engage community, and who want to:

  • Learn and grow
  • Better understand what is happening in Shambhala and other Buddhist communities
  • Engage in positive ways with other spiritual people
  • Bring all of your experiences into your spiritual path

This group is not a suitable space for people who have a lot of unprocessed trauma and who are better served by meeting face to face with a therapist.

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Highlights of the Program

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  • Get a chance to talk about what’s on your mind!
  • Get loving support for your own process of making meaning after experiencing the impacts of abuse in your community, whether personally or through knowing people who were abused
  • Connect with a circle of people like you, who want to bring all experiences to the path, skillfully and in service of your enlightenment this lifetime
  • Meditate with a virtual community
  • Connect with seasoned and experienced meditation elders


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Program Leader

Andrea M. Winn, MEd, MCS,  was brought up in the Shambhala Buddhist community and has been meditating for over 40 years. She has Masters degree level training in trauma healing. Andrea brings her foundation of meditative discipline, healing gifts and her skill as a Coach to founding and leading Buddhist Project Sunshine, a project to bring healing light to the wound of sexualized violence in Western Buddhist communities. Get your copy of the ground breaking Project Sunshine Report that has lead the Shambhala community into a new age of awakening and healing. Also, see client testimonials about Andrea’s leadership coaching.

Andrea is joined by a group of competent and compassionate facilitators in moderating this discussion group.



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The Details

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  • Once you register, you will receive your Group Description and Guidelines booklet. You will print, read and sign this booklet to indicate you agree to the group guidelines, and then click a link to confirm you signed it.
  • You are invited to participate in a virtual community meditation circle through using our  Community Daily Meditation Log
  • You get to be part of a Private Facilitated Community Discussion Forum. This is a place to engage with others in this powerful journey! Engage Andrea Winn, a group of skilled volunteer Discussion Facilitators, and other group members with your observations, experiences and questions. Give and receive community support for the ups and downs, and get support to transform suffering into embodied wisdom for your personal spiritual path
  • Please note: To keep this discussion going, we will shift to a new format beginning in October with a sustainable monthly membership structure.



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The discussion is supported by kind and honouring discussion facilitators.




If you would like to participate, register here:


Note: If you do not receive confirmation of your registration within 10 minutes, be sure to check your spam folder and add our email address (buddhistprojectsunshine@gmail.com) to your contacts.


Do you have any questions?

Let us know what you need to make a grounded decision.

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