Heart Meditation

Your mind is the most important asset for the success of your spiritual business

How strong is your mind?

Create a strong foundation for success
with my innovative meditation program

✅  Develop greater courage and mental strength
✅  Embody deeper heart connection and self-love 
✅  Be fully grounded - on a continual basis!

Your mind profoundly impacts your business

Is your mind scattered?

If you feel fragmented within yourself, this will impact your ability to:

❌ Be embodied for making business decisions

❌ Be coherent in your business communications

❌ Enjoy the adventure of your business

Do you have monkey mind?

If your mind jumps from one thing to another like a monkey, this will impact your ability to:

❌ Follow through consistently

❌ Learn new skills for your business

❌ Keep your energy high vibe

Distracted by shiny objects?

If you're compulsively drawn to things that appear attractive on the surface, this will impact your ability to: 

❌ Connect with your higher guidance

❌ Develop a strong and grounded business vision

❌ Follow through on business goals

Spiritual leaders are saying that
NOW with the Earth receiving massive amounts of light,
you need to train your mind to slow down.

"All of this light comes in, all of this higher frequency, it [the mind] just starts spinning faster and faster and faster… if it's going by so fast that you're only catching a letter here and maybe a word here and another letter here and a comma here and a space there...

You have to slow your mind down so you can analyze all the light particles of information rather than just what you can catch as it's all flying."

Linda Good McGillis
Awakening Consciousness and Spiritual Life coach,
Ancient Elder Sol Ar Ma Sun Ra, Energy of Love

A Single Program Covering Everything You Need to Create a Powerful Meditation Practice

Week 1

Starting gently:


Getting organized

Setting your intention for your experience

Week 2

Fill your travel bag with healing goodies:

Review the basics of trauma recovery

Learn more emotional grounding techniques

Learn energy psychology exercises

Week 3

Kick Start Your Meditation:

Learn a breath-based meditation

Create your personalized grounding meditation altar and place to meditate

Identify your ideal meditation time

Explore what healthy meditation community can look like

Create a vision board for your personalized meditation practice

Weeks 4, 5, and 6

The 21-day healing meditation challenge:

Receive daily healing quotes

Receive encouragement to meditate a little every day

Form a highly grounding habit!

Week 7

Create your on-going plan:

Harvest the riches of your program

Explore next steps

Set up a structure for regularly checking in and planning further enrichment for your meditation practice

A unique and highly effective program
based in:

30 years professional training & experience in trauma healing
50 years practice of Tibetan Buddhist meditation
20 years teaching meditation

Take the program
for a test drive

My sense of presence
deepened tremendously

“This program brought new insights and helped me to find a sense of groundedness through a rather turbulent chapter of my life! My sense of presence throughout each day seems to have deepened tremendously too, as there’s a whole new relationship with my thoughts and mind.”

Kevin Dallas
Breath Of Life
Austin, TX

Details on how the program works

This effective self-study program guides you through a FUN 7-week process with daily emails:

You will receive one email a day for the first week, guiding you through a gentle process to prepare for the journey ahead so you get the most out of your program
In week two you pack your travel bag as you are guided by short daily audios with: (1) helpful information about trauma and methods for recovery, (2) techniques for grounding and simplifying your experience, and (3) energy psychology exercises to help you shift energy blocks in your heart and body
In week three you Kick Start your meditation receiving one short audio lesson a day, guiding you through seven steps for creating a personal healing meditation practice
After the Kick Start program, I lead you in a 21-day healing meditation challenge (weeks 4, 5 & 6) to establish a new meditation habit with daily inspiring emails delivered with love to your inbox. The challenge is to meditate for 10 minutes a day for 21 days. Research shows it takes 21 days to establish a new habit, so this component empowers you to establish a solid daily meditation routine!
For the final week of the program you are guided to create a personalized long term plan for enriching your meditation practice as part of a wellness-based lifestyle

Legal Disclaimer

Any exploration of one's past or current difficulties—common practices within energy psychology as well as many other personal development approaches—may evoke disquieting memories or emotions. While these may be markers on the path of personal evolution, the individual undertaking such exploration assumes any and all associated risks.

Please note: This program does not include CD's. I chose this program logo to communicate that this is an educational program with a 7-week curriculum. It is substantial. You can expect a professional and in-depth experience.

A cutting-edge Grounding & trauma-informed guided self-study program 

$397  $297 

$100 off for a limited time!

Program benefits:

Receive Blue Pleiadian Rose soul healing with every lesson
Learn innovative strategies for slowing your mind down
Develop inner grounded steadiness
Empower yourself to engage all aspects of your business with mindfulness and joy!

The Blue Pleiadian Rose 
Heal Your Heart Through Meditation

Do you know about the Pleiadian star cluster, also known as the Seven Sisters? They are within the Taurus constellation, approximately 440 light years away from Earth. Many believe they are a powerful source of high frequency healing energy.

One particular way of connecting with this energy is through the image of the 33-petalled blue rose.

I have received inner guidance to bring the healing energy of the Pleiades into Heal Your Heart Through Meditation. Once I received that guidance, I then met Eden Kervin.

Eden is a priestess, and has been a priestess in many lifetimes. She has a strong connection with the Pleiadian Blue Rose. I asked her to take on the pioneering work of integrating this healing energy into this already groundbreaking meditation program. 

We are thrilled to offer you Pleiadian Blue Rose healing energy through this fun, playful, and effective meditation course!

More about the Pleiadian Blue Rose

About the Program Guide

Andrea M. Winn, MEd Counselling Psychology

Andrea is a skilled coach for aspiring spiritual entrepreneurs in their business hero’s journey. She guides a clear path forward to overcome fear and past trauma, and from that deeply grounded place, establish strong organic business structures for launching a successful soul-aligned business. 

Andrea is a catalyst for change. She works globally to invoke healing, authentic spirituality and business success. Her passion is empowering people to heal from trauma and live their full potential. Her work has been documented in high-profile publications such as the front page of The New York Times and in Newsweek, The Guardian, and The Columbia Journalism Review. She has been interviewed on NPR, CBC Radio and CBC TV.

She has integrated deep personal healing with strong academic training, healing arts training, social justice activism, and work with clients for over 20 years. 

Her formal credentials include:

A Masters of Education in Counselling Psychology (University of Toronto, 2008) - Focus of degree: Healing relational trauma
Bachelor of Arts Honours in Women's Studies (Mount St. Vincent University, 2003)
Mediation Certification (York University, 2003) - Six month certification program
Four levels of Soul Art Guide Certification Training (Bodymapping, Chakras, Spirit Guides, and Shaman, 2017)
Five year apprenticeship with a Mi’kmaq Shaman (Quebec, Canada, 2005)
A lifetime of mindfulness meditation, beginning with growing up in a Tibetan Buddhist community.

Eden Kervin

Priestess, Energy Holder and Healer

Eden has been a priestess of Isis in many lifetimes, particularly in Atlantis and Egypt. In this lifetime, she’s studied a number of healing modalities enabling her to reconnect with her past abilities. She has healed many of her own past and present soul wounds, allowing her to remember and expand her awareness of her higher self and who she really is beyond this lifetime. 

Eden’s training and experience include:

Crystalline Soul Healing® (a Lyran healing modality) - Certification through Jamye Price
Atlantean Soul Healing (a Pleiadian healing modality) - Certification by Eva Marquez, Spiritual Consultant, Healer and Author
Angel Healing® - Certification through Calista Ascension 
Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki - Level 2
Working closely with St. Germain and the violet flame

Her Soul Healing is a combination of intuitive consulting and energy healing to target trauma or wounds developed from current or past life trauma. She heals and clears blockages to empower people to live their most abundant, joyful and fulfilling life, achieving their highest potential. 

Eden does both 1-on-1 and group work, and she loves working as a Sacred Commerce Merchant Priestess with Andrea Winn offering empowering online programs. 

Your Questions Answered

If I try the 2-week trial and like the program, can I still get the reduced price of $297?

Yes, absolutely!

What if I need to take a break in the middle of the program?

The program allows you to put it on pause. This allows you to have control over the pace of your program.

What if I have a question during the program?

This well-established program is easy to follow and understand. It has been used successfully by many people. If you have any questions, you can email me!

Do you have any other questions?

Take the program
for a test drive

More Testimonials

This program is lovely and wonderful. I feel reconnected to myself and my greater path. I was feeling disconnected from my practice and community for some time and through the program have healed a lot of confusion and am reconnected.

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Andrea has presented a gentle  program that eases one into a regular meditation practice.  She builds the skills you need in a safe manner.  Thank you for this Andrea.

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I am able to meet my mind. I am able to let things go, even when they are intense. I am able to meditate for 3 hours. This is feeling like a level of mastery - especially just being able to connect with my mind in a space of peace. It's new! 

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This is a well paced and valuable course. The underlying practices are so helpful for staying grounded and joyful no matter how deep the challenges you are facing in your life and work.

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A. R.

I was not harsh with myself at all, I just went along with the program. I think it trained me. Afterwards I fell off the wagon for a few days, but I'm back on the wagon now and I am seriously invested in cultivating further relationship with my meditation. 

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I was able to really get back into my body after years of dissociation. I learned that meditation on a daily basis helps me with decision making and energy levels. I am on track with my piano studies and confident about passing my exam in May. This is a result of being more centred. 

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D. C.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

I signed up for this program out of a very intense desire to cultivate and access within myself a safe and grounded source of wisdom, strength, and sanity after going through a really distressing upheaval in my life.  The structured but gentle pacing, content, and resources offered in this program were exactly what I needed.  Andrea brings a deeply feminine, wise, and gentle approach which allows you to feel cared for and attended to in a really tender way.  I have come out of this program feeling far more comfortable and at ease in my meditation practice, equipped with a toolkit of resources to aid in my practice, and with that sense of groundedness and security within myself that I had so desired to cultivate through this program.  I would absolutely recommend this program to anyone who is looking for a gentle, structured, and empowering engagement with their own meditation practice.

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As a survivor and a former member of Shambhala, who was struggling with suicidal ideation connected to all the harm in Shambhala, I found this program to be deeply healing and refreshing. The trauma-informed meditation practices uncovered the energies of love in my body and I learned new ways to bring that love into the world. I was skeptical about trying this program, however, Andrea Winn has created something wonderful gentle and trauma-informed that has the power to transform lives and bring deep healing. It really was helpful in cultivating a sense of empowerment and strength with meditation. Inviting the inner child parts into the meditation practice was so healing and powerful. The trauma-informed practices for hyperarousal and intrusion were brilliant and the 3-week mastery module radically changed my life.....Andrea Winn is amazing!!! 

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a strong survivor and advocate (who prefers to remain anonymous for safety)

I didn't think it would be possible to ever feel wholesome again or to have a meditation practice. The Heal Your Heart Through Meditation program re-introduced me to a healthy and wholesome meditation practice, in such gentle and doable steps. It is a very sensitive program that gave me space for feeling my pain, while at the same time encouraging me to keep taking steps to establish a meditation practice.

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Or get the complete program for only $297! 

This is a special limited-time offer.  Get my full program with all the healing resources now, and begin establishing your own personal healing meditation practice



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